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Any time is a good time to start learning that new skill you’ve always wanted. Today, with the internet, picking up new skills is easier than ever and you don’t even have to go to college or a training school. With just a few clicks, you can access boundless amounts of information, for beginners and experts alike. 

Sometimes, the sheer number of online classes can throw you for a loop. It can seem like everyone is trying to sell you their courses on certain skills, so how can you know if you’re learning from a truly reputable source?

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    If you’re looking to learn something new, here are the best websites for learning new skills online. 

    Language Learning

    One of the most popular skills many people would like to learn is to speak a new language. Get started learning a new language on any of the sites below. 

    1. Memrise

    This site is different from many language-learning programs, as it uses videos to teach your target language. Locals who speak the language help you to understand how words and phrases are used and how they’re pronounced. 

    Language Learning image

    With each lesson, you’ll learn new words and see how they’re used. The site tracks your progress through each lesson, and you can set goals on how much and how often you want to practice.

    2. Duolingo

    Language Learning image 2

    This is one of the top programs for learning a new language, as they make the process easy and fun. For each lesson, you’ll learn new words and phrases so you can start speaking your target language right away. With many lessons available, you’ll have plenty to practice with. 

    3. FluentU

    Language Learning image 3

    If you’re ready to start some interactive language learning, FluentU provides real videos in your target language that you can watch and learn to understand. You’ll also have access to tons of other learning materials, such as flashcards, quizzes, and dictionaries. 


    Learning how to program and code in this technology-dominant world is a great skill and can be interesting and fun too with these sites. 

    1. Codecademy

    Coding image

    There are tons of easy-to-understand lessons available on Codecademy for various coding languages, such as Python, HTML, CSS, and Java. For each language, you’re guided through interactive lessons so you can grasp the basic skills. 


    Coding image 2

    For a great free site, provides plenty of resources and lessons for budding coders. Although the site is mainly designed for teaching grade-school students, anyone can use the site to learn to code.

    3. Code School (Pluralsight)

    Coding image 3

    Code School has since moved to the site Pluralsight, but there are still lots of courses available on different programming languages. Also, you can easily see your progress as you move through each course. 


    Want to learn how to cook up a great meal? Cooking is an important skill to learn no matter who you are, and these sites can help. 

    1. America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

    Cooking image

    With over 320 lessons on cooking, including basic methods, how to use ingredients, and more advanced skills, this is an excellent destination for anyone interested in learning the basics of cooking. You can filter courses by skill level, ingredient type, or category to learn what you’re interested in. 

    2. The Kitchn Cooking School

    Cooking image 2

    This site will provide you with a 20-day course featuring all the basics you need to know to start cooking. You can complete one lesson each day and by the end of it, you’ll be much more knowledgeable about the tools and ingredients to make meals.

    3. Serious Eats

    Cooking image 3

    The Serious Eats website has a highly informative how-to section, giving you instructions on anything you might want to learn as a cook. You’ll especially want to visit the site’s Food Lab section, which shows you the science behind cooking and will help to deepen your knowledge. 

    Playing an Instrument

    Learning to play a musical instrument is another great skill to pick up. This enhances your creativity and keeps your mind sharp. 

    1. Yousician

    Playing an Instrument image

    There are lessons for multiple different instruments on this site, including guitar, piano, and ukulele. With over 9000 lessons available, you can easily pick up a new instrument of choice and start the journey to master it. 

    2. JustinGuitar

    Playing an Instrument image 2

    No matter your skill level, you’ll find relevant lessons on the Justin Guitar site. It’s touted as one of the best places to learn the guitar, as the lessons are effective and comprehensive. 

    3. Piano Nanny

    Playing an Instrument image 3

    Trying to learn piano? Piano Nanny gives you lessons all for free. You can also take quizzes at the end of each lesson to solidify your learning and keep yourself sharp. 

    General Learning

    It’s always a good idea to learn new things, and even if you aren’t sure exactly what you want to learn, these sites provide many courses for any topic imaginable. 

    1. Masterclass

    General Learning image

    If you really want to learn from the experts, Masterclass is a phenomenal resource. With courses from people such as Gordon Ramsay, Neil Gaiman, and Chris Voss, you’re sure to get top-notch information on a broad catalog of subjects. 

    2. Linkedin Learning

    General Learning image 2

    The skill-learning site Lynda is now known as Linkedin Learning. If you have a premium Linkedin account, you can follow recommended courses to help you strengthen the skills to elevate your career.

    3. Skillshare

    General Learning image 3

    For more creative endeavors, Skillshare is an amazing site with courses teaching topics such as animation, design, photography & film, writing, and more. You’ll find courses taught by experts in these fields and be able to connect with others learning the same things you are.

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