Thanks to the numerous apps that promote online and real-world friendship, making friends is just a tap or swipe away. In a world that seems to be getting busier and feels more isolated, we all need a friend we can talk to. 

This list includes the best apps to make friends both online and in the real world. Many are free to use, but some require subscriptions to unlock unique features or perform specific actions.

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    Best Friendship Apps in 2021

    If you feel like you need to expand your circle of friends or rejuvenate some of that social flair, you may want to check out these apps: 

    1. Meetup

    Meetup is the perfect app for people who want to find groups in their local area with similar interests in activities like fitness events, book clubs, rowing clubs, etc. 

    Registering in the app is free, and you can join multiple groups simultaneously. You can share photos, interact in discussions, and create events when you have found your group. The app is integrated with Google Maps, which allows users to locate the event meetup place quickly. 

    This app is highly entertaining and appealing, especially to those who want to connect with people in real life. However, one of the drawbacks of using this app is that some rural areas don’t have enough activities or users to conduct regular events. 

    2. Friender

    An app with the word “friend” in it speaks volumes. Friender is much like dating apps since it also uses the swipe function to add potential friends. 

    It also doesn’t just give you random profiles. When creating your profile, you can choose from over 100 activities such as running, nightlife, cooking, yoga, etc. The app uses the information gathered to connect you with people who match one of your favorite activities. 

    This feature improves the chances of having a more meaningful conversation with your potential friend since you both have a common ground. Paying for the premium service unlocks valuable features such as appearing more frequently on the top of the search result and unlimited swipes. 

    Unfortunately, Friender is currently available to iOS users only. It will be available to Android users soon, according to their website. However, there’s no given timeline yet.

    3. Yubo

    Yubo is a trendy app with many similarities with some of the more popular social media platforms. It currently has over 20 million users, a majority of which are teenagers and young professionals. 

    The app has numerous features aimed at connecting people. When searching for friends, you get the usual swipe button. You can also enter chat rooms, share videos, and send messages to a group or a specific individual. 

    Furthermore, the app has community forums and social games. Recently, it has included several lens options, much like Snapchat, which is helpful to make the conversion livelier. 

    4. Skout 

    The Skout app has been around since 2007 and is one of the best platforms to help you meet people in real life and enjoy group activities together. 

    The app matches its members based on their preferences and proximity. You can start with small chats with some of your matches. It also has a broadcast function that allows you to watch streams of other users and even record a video of yourself. 

    You can also use Skout to reconnect with old acquaintances who have moved to other cities, or you haven’t contacted for a while. The app enables you to see other Skout users in your area and people who have viewed your profile. 

    5. Hoop

    Hoop is one of the best friendship apps if you want to make friends across the globe. The great thing about Hoop is that it has an added layer of security that protects its users’ privacy.

    When using the app, you can connect with people through Snapchat. If you want to send friend requests, Just tap the Snapchat button to request their username so you can start chatting with them and continue your online friendship. 

    However, one of Hoop’s disadvantages is that you don’t need to make any description or a bio. Hence, the only thing you get when deciding to connect with someone is their picture. Some actions like undoing a swipe cost you in-app currencies called diamonds to perform. 

    6. NextDoor

    If you’ve moved to a new neighborhood, NextDoor is one of the best apps that tries to connect you with your neighbors, help you be more involved in your community, and meet new people in your area.  

    This free private social networking app encourages in-person meetings and posts useful information about your neighborhood. For example, upcoming events like weekend barbecues, block parties, or furniture swaps. You can find part-time jobs such as babysitting or lawn mowing on the app.  Users can also post information about recent car break-ins to make others more cautious. 

    7. Bumble BFF

    You might be already familiar with the hit dating app Bumble, which was launched in 2014. Its founder has expanded the same business model to exclusively connect women with their potential best friends for life. 

    This app searches for potential friends on the platform who have the same interests or are into similar activities as you. After filling in your bio and adding photos, you’ll first need to have your profile verified. As with other apps, swiping right will save the displayed profile to your favorite list. 

    Unlike the Bumble app, anyone can make the first move and initiate a conversation. You can also link your other social media accounts to this app.