How to Claim an Existing Business on Yahoo Local

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If you have a small business, you probably have it listed on Yahoo Local, Google Local, MapQuest local, Yelp and a bunch of other local service sites. I run a small computer repair shop out of my home and do some work for clients here and there when I get free time. I started it […]

How to Capture, Save, Record or Download Streaming Audio for Free

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Ever wonder how you could possibly record or rip a song that’s being streamed across the Internetonto your computer for free? Trying to download streaming audio directly to your computer can be quite difficult because sites usually have different security measures put in place, making it near impossible unless you’re a hacker. However, one surefire […]

How to Connect Your Laptop/PC/Computer to Your TV

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This article will teach you how to connect your PC or computer to a TV or HDTV using wired and wireless connections. You have many options these days, so it really depends on your hardware and budget. The most common method currently is still by connecting a cable from your laptop to your TV, so I’ll […]

How to Shrink PDF File Size

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compress pdf

If you work with PDF files, you know how they can become very large very quickly if they contain graphics and images. Luckily, you can compress PDF files like you can compress any other type of file, which can mean big savings in the size of your PDF file. In this post, I will try […]

How to Insert a PDF File into a Word Document

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Recently, I had to take a few pages out of a PDF document and put them into a Word document that I needed to send to a client. In the process of doing so, I figured out a few ways that you can go about inserting a PDF document into a Word document and that’s […]

How to Convert a PDF File to Word, Excel or JPG Format

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One common question I’ve gotten a lot these days is how to convert a PDF file to Microsoft Word format (doc), Excel format (xls), or JPG picture format. Usually, people want to know how to convert a file to PDF, but it’s also nice to be able to convert back the other way. There are […]

How to Reset or Unfreeze an iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, or iPod Shuffle

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Because I work in IT, I end up getting a lot of questions that deal with technical support, such as how do I unfreeze or reset my iPod device! I’m not sure why so many people have been asking me that lately, but since they are, I thought I would write up a quick post […]

6 Free Online Screen Sharing Tools

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Working in IT for 5 years, I’ve learned that desktop sharing/screen sharing software applications make life a lot easier for both the users and for the administrators. It’s not only a great way to supply technical support to users, but it’s also a fabulous way to share data and collaborate with others remotely quickly and […]

How to Securely Password Protect an Excel File

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Password protecting your Excel worksheet can prevent others from tampering with your data, but it’s best you never store really sensitive information in an Excel spreadsheet. Why? For the simple reason that Excel passwords can easily be cracked. This is because Excel uses a very weak form of encryption that can easily be broken use […]

OTT Explains – Why ISPs Assign Dynamic vs Static IP Addresses

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If you have ever sought to find your public IP address, you may have noticed that it changes every so often. This is called a dynamic IP address because it can change at even given moment. Most ISPs will assign dynamic IP addresses to their consumer clients for a variety of reasons. If you wanted […]