How to Move or Transfer Email Accounts from One ISP to Another

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Are you looking for a way to move your email account from Gmail to Outlook or Yahoo to Gmail? Outside of the major email providers, if you’re still stuck with your college email address or an email from your local ISP like Cox or BellSouth, switching to Gmail, Yahoo or is a good idea […]

How to Fix Internet Explorer has Encountered a Problem and Needs to Close

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Have you ever been browsing the Internet using IE happily until all of a sudden you get this horrid “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close” error message, after which IE completely shuts down and you lose all of your tabs along with any forms you might have been filling out? Now […]

How to Search for Text Inside Multiple PDF Files at Once

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PDF documents are probably the most commonly used set of documents in most offices today because of their ability to be locked from accidental changes or unauthorized modifications by users. However, it’s a lot easier to find something you’re looking for in a Word document than it is for a PDF document because by default Windows […]

Alternative Method to Hide Files and Folders in Windows

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It seems like people just can’t get enough of the how-to guides on creating hidden folders or locked folders in Windows. I’ve already written two guides on how to hide a folder, one by using a very simple built-in feature of Windows and another by using some Windows scripts. In the latter article, I also mentioned a […]

Best Free Alternative PDF Viewer to Adobe Reader

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If you’re looking for a free alternative to Adobe Reader, one of the best options out there currently is Foxit PDF Reader. Other than being able to view a PDF file, the program has a huge number of features that pushes it far beyond Adobe Reader and much closer to what Adobe Acrobat can do. […]

How to Capture Still Images from a Video or DVD

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Watching a DVD movie on your computer or a video you downloaded from your camera and wish you could capture a particular frame as a still image? By default in Windows, the only options you might have are to use PrintScreen or to use the CTRL + I shortcut in Windows Media Player 9 and […]

How to Increase Windows Explorer Default Thumbnail Size for Pictures

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Here’s something about Windows XP that really annoys me: why can’t you increase or decrease the size of thumbnails in Explorer like you can in Windows 7 and Windows 8? If you’re going to have thumbnails in the first place, is it that hard to put in a little slider bar whereby you can increase or […]

5 Ways to Crack or Reset a Forgotten Windows Password

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I recently helped a client recover his forgotten Windows password by using a couple of different tools. We eventually were able to reset the Administrator password to a blank password so that he could log into Windows. It was a fairly long and complicated process, but it worked. Unfortunately, there is no “one” way to reset […]

Remove Shortcut Arrows from Desktop Icons in Windows

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In all versions of Windows, whenever you place a shortcut on the desktop, it will overlay an arrow in the bottom left-hand corner as a visual sign that it’s a shortcut. If you don’t care to have that arrow, you can remove it in a couple of different ways. In this article, I’ll talk about […]

How to Kill or Close All Running Programs in Windows Quickly

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Looking for a free Windows utility that you can use to quickly close all programs currently running in Windows? This can be quite useful, for example, when you have to shutdown all running programs before installing a new application. I find that quite annoying because I usually have 10 different apps running and I have to manually […]