How to Use the YEARFRAC Function in Excel

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One of the limitations of subtracting dates in Excel is that the application can only give you either the number of days, the number of months, or the number of […]

Disable SSID Broadcast for Airport Express, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule Wireless Routers

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When SSID broadcast is disabled for your wireless router, your wireless network is pretty much in stealth mode. Meaning, that your wireless network isn’t visible to computer’s that have wireless […]

Turn Caps Lock Text back to Normal in MS Word

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At one time or another, we have all accidentally tapped the Caps Lock key while typing. If you were multitasking while typing, it is completely possible you typed several sentences in all caps! I’m […]

Password Protect Worksheets in Excel 2007

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If you work with people from all over the country or world, you probably share and e-mail files back and forth to one another. If you share Microsoft Excel 2007 […]

Create a “Switch Between Windows” Shortcut in Windows 7

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The Aero Desktop introduced in Windows Vista and now part of Windows 7 made amazing visual enhancements to an otherwise static desktop found in previous versions of the operating system. […]

Create a Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7

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Although a minor component in Windows XP, the Show Desktop icon was one of those features that many users took for granted. Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft offers an alternative […]

15 Websites to Watch Movies, PPV Events, and TV For Free

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Whether you’re trying to watch theater movies without going to the theater, catch the latest PPV boxing match for free, or check out an episode of your favorite TV show […]

How to Change Computer Name in Windows 7

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A computer running Windows 7 must have a unique name so that other computers and networks know where to find the computer and the files that are stored on it. […]

How to Use Windows 7 with Boot Camp

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Installing Windows 7 on your Mac using Boot Camp is a great way to get full performance out of both operating systems. Boot Camp works by partitioning your Mac’s hard […]

Top 5 Free Photo Recovery Software Programs

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At least once in our lives, we all experience a moment of utter idiocy.  We click the delete all button on our cameras, thereby destroying precious photos with captured moments […]