How to Change the Default Program to Open a File With

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With so many great open source programs on the market, it’s pretty normal for people to use third party text editors, photo editors, etc. instead of the default programs installed on Windows. For example, when I double-click on a TXT file, it always opens up in Notepad. That used to be OK, but now that I […]

Turn Off or Remove “Your computer might be at risk” in Windows XP

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I recently reformatted my computer because it was running slow and after installing all updates and programs, I started getting an annoying message that started in Windows XP SP2, which is: Your computer might be at risk. Antivirus software might not be installed. It’s fine if you don’t know how to use a computer or forget […]

How to Create a System Restore Point Manually in XP

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If you are about to update a driver on your computer or install a new program, it’s probably a good idea to create a System Restore point just in case something goes wrong. It’s a great way to backup your registry and ensure that you can return to a normal operating state if it becomes […]

What is Google Toolbar Notifier and How to Get Rid of It

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I used to use Google Toolbar with Firefox and Internet Explorer because it had some useful features that I used on a regular basis and it kept me connected to my Google account. However, that was like a decade ago. Everything in toolbar is now in Google Chrome and IE usage has dropped significantly. Still, […]

How to Repair and Fix Winsock Error in Windows

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Winsock is a specification that is used in Windows to determine how network applications communicate with network services, such as TCP/IP. It basically defines how two network programs will communicate with each other. For example, in order for an FTP client to work correctly, it uses Winsock. However, Winsock can become corrupted on a Windows […]

Fix Microsoft Outlook has Encountered a Problem Error

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One of Microsoft’s favorite error messages is “Program X has encountered a problem and needs to close”. You’ll get this message from pretty much any Microsoft product, including Microsoft Office, Windows, and Internet Explorer. Previously I wrote about a way to fix Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close error. In this […]

Fix for Cannont Empty the Clipboard in Office

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Have you ever tried to copy some cells in Excel and gotten the Cannot empty the clipboard error message? I was recently the victim of this annoying error, which would pop up EVERY time I tried to copy data from any cell on my spreadsheet. The strange thing is that the copy still works for me, but […]

How to Switch Between Worksheets in Excel

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A number of people in my office have been asking me how they can easily switch between worksheets in Excel using their keyboards rather than having to click on an individual sheet and this article will addresses that issue. This may sound lazy to someone who does not use Excel very often, but when you’re […]

How to Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows

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Do you find the size of desktop icons in Windows too small or too large?  For whatever strange reason, I always find the default Windows icons to be too large! I like things small, so I quickly found a way to make the icons much smaller. Windows 10 has normal sized icons, but you can also […]

How to Right Click using the Keyboard

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Looking for the right click keyboard command? It’s not often you’re left without a mouse, a trackball, or a touch pad, but there are those rare occasions when nothing works! Oddly, my touchpad died the other day, I didn’t have a mouse, and my computer didn’t have a secondary mouse tracking option! It was quite […]