Roku is one of the top streaming platforms available today, alongside competitors like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. The difference is that Roku has its lineup of programming, including “hidden” channels that you need a specific code to find. These channels are just like the ones you can find in the Roku store, but you can’t access them without knowing their channel code.

These hidden Roku channels have an even more extensive range of programming and interesting content than you would find by default. Channels are available across all Roku devices, so it doesn’t matter whether you have a Roku, a Roku Ultra, or another device. You can still access the channels. We’ve gone through and searched for the most interesting picks.

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    The 13 Best Hidden Roku Channels You Need to Check Out

    These are the best-hidden channels on Roku. We hope that you enjoy some of them!

    1. Odeon Theater

    If you’re a cinephile, The Odeon Theater is a must-have channel. It gives access to classic and indie films with no commercial breaks. Each film is also accompanied by a short fact sheet at the start telling you trivia and tidbits about the movie. 

    Channel Code: odeon

    2. The Silent Movie Channel

    Like the name suggests, the Silent Movie Channel gives viewers access to silent films from the early 20th century across a breadth of different genres. If you are a cinephile, you need to check this out. 

    Channel Code: rollem

    3. The Space Opera Channel

    Another channel for cinephiles, the Space Opera Channel streams classic space opera movies like Flash Gordon, Undersea Kingdom, and similar movies 24/7. 

    Channel Code: soctv

    4. Cowboy Classics

    Love John Wayne? Can’t get enough of The Alamo? Add Cowboy Classics to your Roku for films from more than six decades and watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for the 32nd time. 

    Channel Code: CowboyClassics

    5. Video Games

    If you long for the old days of G4, when you could sit down and watch someone play through your favorite video game, check out the Video Game channel. It includes full-length playthroughs of different titles, the majority of which are classic games.

    Channel Code: T6PH2V

    6. Neon Party Games

    Neon Party Games is a channel specifically for party games. An unlimited number of players can join in the games and play through their mobile devices. Games like Tag, Puck, Geometry, and others are all available to play.

    Channel Code: H2CLHP

    7. The Aimless Cook

    Whether you’re a fledgling chef or experienced in the kitchen, The Aimless Cook is a great channel to check out. It features recipes from all over the world, with easy-to-follow recipes. The Aimless Cook introduces a lot of different ideas for recipes for every meal of the day.

    Channel Code: TheAimlessCook

    8. FoodMattersTV

    FoodMattersTV, or FMTV, is home to documentaries about food and nutrition, weight loss, gardening and sustainability, and much more. It also shows recipes, interviews with experts, yoga and mindfulness practices, and much more.

    Channel Code: FoodMattersTV

    9. Great Chefs

    If you want to learn from the best of the best, the Great Chefs channel is one you should be watching. It started as a PBS show, but has since moved to other networks. It shows chefs in their own kitchens making three dishes: an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. 

    Channel Code: greatchefs

    10. EuroRoku

    A lot of people forget that there is a world of TV out there beyond the standard programming. EuroRoku provides access to a huge amount of content from European sources for $9.99 per month. You can watch over 100 channels from France, Germany, Holland, and more.

    Channel Code: 296XJKP

    11. 5ik.TV

    Just like EuroRoku allows easy access to content from Europe, 5ik.TV does the same thing for eastern entertainment. You can see shows from Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries. Just be aware there are no subtitles, so if you don’t speak the language, the show isn’t likely to make much sense.

    Channel Code: 5ikTV

    12. Armchair Tourist

    With so many borders still closed, you might be able to travel as you want, but Armchair Tourist is a great way to experience other countries all from the comfort of your own home. You can see the sights and sounds of exotic locales without ever getting out of your chair. 

    Channel Code: ArmchairTourist

    13. Science Fiction And Beer

    Who doesn’t love sci-fi? And who doesn’t love beer? This channel combines both of these interests into a single channel. It has a limited range, with only a few select movies and programming options, but it’s certain a niche channel to watch.

    Channel Code: TZG6P92

    How To Add Hidden Roku Channels

    If any of these channels look interesting, good news: adding them is a cinch. You can only access Non-certified channels by entering their code into your Roku.

    1. Go to
    2. Select Add channel with code.
    1. Enter the channel code in the box, select the captcha to verify, and select Add channel. 
    1. If the channel is non-certified, a warning will pop up that Roku can not guarantee the content. Select OK.
    1. A screen will appear showing you the channel. To confirm, select Yes, add channel.

    That’s all it takes to add a new channel to your Roku. You can begin watching content right away, no update needed.

    If you want to improve your streaming experience, check out some of these hidden channels for yourself. Your Roku has a lot of content just waiting to be discovered. So don’t settle just for the basics — check it all out and take full advantage of the device.