Enjoy Responsibly: New Tech That’s Helping People Drink Smarter

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There are few industries that haven’t felt the seismic impact of digital transformation by now, but some seem incapable of being changed with code and tech at first glance. Alcohol is certainly one of those areas. Given its primary purpose–consumption–one might ask how a beverage that is wholly dependent on a bodily process (drinking) could […]

10 Useful Gadgets to Make Practically Any Car Smart

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It used to be cars were purely a mode of transportation. People cared about the engine, the style, the comfortability of the interior. These things still matter, but of equal importance today is how technologically enabled a vehicle is. Modern vehicles offer digital dashboards that display the apps on your phone, infotainment, 360-degree cameras, keyless […]

Outlook vs. Gmail: Who Is the King of Email?

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Having an email address is like having a phone number: Once it’s out in the world, you don’t want to change it. Aside from the estimated 30% of email addresses that change each year–most of which are business emails–most people probably wouldn’t want to deal with the hassle of transferring contacts, redirecting people to the […]

Tonal vs. Mirror vs. Weela: Three Smart Home Gyms That Make You Sweat

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The average person today seems to be abnormally busy. If that’s you, maintaining good physical health is really important. Physical activity has been shown to improve mental health, energy, and alertness as well as prevent illness, all of which are critical to supporting an always-on-the-go lifestyle. Study after study has proven this, yet, as compelling […]

Change Your Mindset and Your Output with These Five Productivity Apps

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The digital economy, the gig economy, the anxiety economy – these are all ways we describe the world we live in today. But when it comes down to it, we’re really living in the productivity economy. The need to be ever more productive is the crux of why the pace of life seems to be […]

Three Photo Editing Apps You Need to Make Any Picture Instagram Worthy

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We live in a visual world, and Instagram rules it. A 2018 study found Android users of the app average 53 minutes a day scrolling feeds and swiping stories. More people are spending more time analyzing others’ lives through images. Those who are hyper alert of this new reality understand it’s not enough to take […]

Three Keyboard Apps Worth Using Over Your Smartphone’s Default

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Smartphone technology has advanced rapidly since the dawn of the iPhone in 2007, but that doesn’t mean companies like Apple or Samsung are always capable of delivering the best user experiences across every feature and function their devices provide–even if what they do provide is, for the most part, exceptional. Photo editing and messaging are […]

Five Robots Every Future-Conscious Homeowner Needs

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Automation is changing the world, and it has been for years. Robotic apparatuses help build our vehicles, while artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming both the way businesses operate and the corporate roles people play. It’s a fascinating progression – one that some are hesitant to declare positive, fearing robots could replace too much […]

Top Benefits of LinkedIn Premium. Is It Worth the Price?

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Since launching in 2003, LinkedIn has evolved from a mere social networking business platform to a veritable structure of intricate services professionals and businesses can access through an assortment of web and mobile apps. Whether you’re using LinkedIn to build a network, find a job, hire talent, market your business, or make a sale, there’s […]

Three Unique, Free Fitness Apps to Get in Shape With for 2019

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Run one mile: check. Do 50 pushups: check. Plank for one minute: check. Backslide into your former state of inactivity after only one week of exercise in 2019: check. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, it’s not too late to recommit to your fitness-focused New Year’s resolution (don’t feel bad, it’s the easiest resolution […]