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The pandemic has pushed all manner of shopping online, and luxury shopping is no exception. But in a world where flattering pictures can tell a different story than the actual product itself, shopping for fashion and accessories online can be tricky.

Especially when most websites are geared toward finding cheaper deals, rather than the finest items in the market. But that is not to say luxury shopping websites do not exist.

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    There are many websites built for luxury products, featuring designer labels and stylish photography. Whether you’re looking for that haute couture dress or a stylish pair of heels, here are the best luxury online shopping sites for you.

    1. Net-A-Porter

    Net-A-Porter is a well-known fashion destination, thanks to its stunning photography and beautiful website layout. Shopping on this site is like visiting a high-end store from the comfort of your home.

    Net-A-Porter image

    Featuring iconic labels like Gianvito Rossi and Stella McCartney, Net-A-Porter is known for its quickly revolving designer collections, sporting the latest trends in the market. Better yet, the site has a what to wear section to help you decide on the perfect outfit for every scenario when in a hurry.

    2. Moda Operandi

    While it is great to have access to a luxurious selection, fashion often demands you to stay ahead of the curve. And no site makes this task easier than Moda Operandi.

    Moda Operandi image

    Founded by Lauren Santo Domingo, the site is geared toward offering the freshest fashion. Often featuring newly premiered designs from the likes of Miu Miu and Zimmermann, Moda Operandi is the best site to shop for fresh fashion.

    Its biggest highlight is the virtual trunk shows that proudly display upcoming styles from designers all across the globe. With Moda Operandi, you can pre-order the fashion of the next season, keeping you firmly at the front of the neverending fashion race.

    3. Nordstrom

    You probably don’t need an introduction to Nordstrom. One of the more mainstream luxury websites, Nordstrom has carved a name for itself as a premier retailer of high fashion.

    Nordstrom image

    The presentation is incredible, tastefully highlighting the best designer pieces and branded apparel from leading labels. The homepage updates with new product lines across categories, reflecting the latest trends in the fast-paced world of fashion.

    A unique feature is the Style Help service. Basically, you can book an appointment with an in-house stylist to get personalized fashion advice, helping you design your look for that important occasion. You can even get tips for a wardrobe refresh, along with recommended outfits selected for you.

    4. Shopbop

    Shopbop is an outlier in that it is not strictly a luxury shopping website, but rather an amalgam of a high-end lineup with more affordable choices thrown in. A subsidiary of Amazon, Shopbop has been set up as a more commercial form of luxury shopping.

    Shopbop image

    That’s not to say you will not find designer labels on the website. Brands like Ulla Johnson and Anine Bing rub shoulders with more pedestrian products, creating a rounded-off experience.

    The best thing is probably the delivery; taking advantage of Amazon’s well-established delivery services, products ordered from Shopbop arrive in a jiffy. This makes the website a great one-stop solution for all your fashion needs, from everyday casual wear to the more luxurious trendsetters, and everything in between.

    5. TheRealReal

    Finding the best pieces to complete your ensemble is difficult. More so when websites bombard you with an endless collection of randomly picked products, leaving you to sift through the slush.

    TheRealReal image

    That is what makes TheRealReal so special. Each and every piece sold on the website is carefully chosen, giving you a more manageable list of nothing but the best fashion. And with labels like Golden Goose and Tiffany & Co, you will be never starved for choices.

    But unlike most luxury shopping websites, you cannot just pop in for a quick look. A free account is required to browse through TheRealReal’s curated collections. The extra effort is worth it, though, as you won’t find such a deliberately constructed luxury lineup elsewhere.

    6. Bergdorf Goodman

    Bergdorf Goodman is the most premium shopping site. Boasting products sourced from the best fashion labels and the finest designers, Bergdorf Goodman has carved a niche at the top of the luxury market.

    Bergdorf Goodman image

    That is not to say that the website has nothing for your more casual needs. Many popular brands that offer a dash of style with a touch of affordability are also included in the retailer’s collection, giving you the best of both worlds.

    Which Is the Best Luxury Online Shopping Site?

    It is easy finding cost-saving deals on the web, but luxury shopping is a different matter. When buying high-fashion, the emphasis is more on the trendiness of the products on display rather than their price tags.

    Since the derailment of retail culture by the pandemic, more and more luxury shopping websites have been cropping up over the internet. But it is the long-running sites that you will find the best quality and service.

    The luxury websites we have listed are well known by fashionistas of all shades and stripes, offering a shopping experience on par to a reputed luxury store. Whether you head to Shopbop for a wardrobe refresh or try Moda Operandi’s brand-new collections, you will find carefully curated luxury products that make you look suave and stylish.

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