3 Ways to Add More Storage to Your iPad

Apple’s latest device, simply dubbed as “The New iPad,” has several improved features that consumers demanded, such as the built-in Retina Display and an actually decent camera. However, storage capacities for the iPad lineup have remained fairly constant since its original debut in April of 2010.

iPad Storage Capacities

Purchasing an iPad is usually a three step process, consisting of first picking a color: black or white, then deciding whether to get Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi +3G/4G, then deciding on a storage capacity. Available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configurations, storage capacity is one of the top buyers remorse reasons for the iPad, as well as other tablets.

When buying a device such as the iPad, once you run out of storage capacity, you usually upgrade to a different model of iPad. For example, if you purchase a 32GB iPad, and later learn that the 32GB simply isn’t enough for all of your media and apps, there is a good possibility that your next step will be to upgrade to the 64GB model. With the baseline 16GB Wi-Fi only model being the top seller, many iPad buyers may, at some point, use up all of the storage on their iPads.

The flash storage in the iPad is not user serviceable, nor upgradable. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add more storage to your iPad. 3rd party manufacturers have more and more been releasing products designed to add storage to the iPad, and even the iPhone. Here are some simple ways to get more storage for your iPad, without having to sell it and purchase a more expensive model. Is even the top of the line 64GB model not enough storage for you? Here are some options:

Seagate GoFlex Satellite

GoFlex Satellite

Hard drive manufacturer Seagate is a major brand in the storage industry, and one of their newer releases is the GoFlex Satellite external hard drive. Rather than being a traditional external hard drive that must be connected to a computer using a USB cable or FireWire cable, the Satellite is a unique device in it’s own right.

Instead, this device is specially targeted and marketed for devices like the iPad, with connectivity being completely wireless via Wi-Fi. The GoFlex is currently available in 500GB capacity, giving it nearly eight times more capacity than the most expensive iPad.

The Satellite can be purchased for around $150.00 on sale, making it a viable option for adding storage capacity to the iPad. After all, that is what this device is marketed for, and that is what this device was created for.

Kingston Wi-Drive


Looking to add more storage to your iPad, but the Seagate Satellite listed above a bit of overkill? The Kingston Wi-Drive is another simple, easy to add storage device for your iPad. Available in 16GB and 32GB versions, this portable lightweight device can turn a 16GB iPad into a 32GB iPad for $50.00 and turn a 32GB iPad into a 64GB iPad for $90.00, as far as overall storage is concerned.

Instead of being a spinning disk drive, the Wi-Drive is more sleek, compact and lightweight, as it uses flash memory for storage, similar to a USB flash drive or solid state drive. Kingston of course, is a reputable company in the RAM memory industry, so this may be a great business move to help expand their product line. The marketing and design behind this drive is also targeted towards iPad users.

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

iPad Camera Kit

The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit consists of two main products: a USB adapter and a SD card adapter. The intent of this kit, of course, is to allow you to either connect your digital camera to your iPad via USB, or connect a camera memory card via the SD card reader.

However, a USB adapter would also work for USB flash drives right? and they now make SD cards up to 64GB capacity… So, maybe this device that is designed for photography could be used to add additional, all-around storage to the iPad. For some configurations, the Camera Connection Kit + USB Flash Drive or SD Card may be a simple way to add additional storage to your iPad. As PC World notes, the camera kit can actually support other devices also, and even be used for video storage.

Thank you for stopping by the site for today’s post. These are simply three ways to add more storage to your iPad without having to sell it and purchase a more expensive model. Devices such as the GoFlex Satellite, are, well, flexible. The device can support up to 3 devices simultaneously. Have a multi-iPad home? This one device can expand the storage for all of your iPads.

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