If you’re on the hunt for some great free movies on YouTube for kids, there are plenty of options to choose from.

There are many specific channels on YouTube dedicated to providing great free movies that your kids will love. You may be tempted to seek out free movies anywhere other than YouTube, but you likely won’t find as many safe options.

Table of Contents

    1. Use Google Search

    The easiest solution to find free movies on YouTube for kids is Google search. Just search for “YouTube movies for kids”, and you’ll see a featured bar at the top of search results listing free family-friendly movies on YouTube.

    You can use the left or right scroll buttons to scan through all of the available movies, and then click on any of them to visit YouTube and watch them.

    2. YouTube Movies

    Visit YouTube Movies and scroll down the Browse tab to the Family and Animation sections. 

    These categories include an excellent list of films your kids will love. You’ll see well-known movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Horse Dancer, The Secret of Nimh, and more.

    Keep in mind that not all movies listed here are free. Look for Free with Ads under the movie listing for the ones you can watch at no cost. 

    3. Popcornflix

    You’ve probably heard of the Popcornflix movie app, but the service also offers free movies for kids on the Popcornflix Family Movies YouTube channel as well. 

    On this channel you’ll find over 60 full-length feature films suitable for all ages. They aren’t all blockbuster films, but many do feature well-known actors. You’ll find action films, adventure, fantasy, comedies and more.

    4. Peter Rabbit

    If you read to your kids a lot, then they’re probably already very familiar with the much-loved character known as Peter Rabbit. If so, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an official Peter Rabbit channel on YouTube.

    Most of the videos here are short films under 30 minutes, but you’ll also find a collection of Peter Rabbit specials over an hour. These videos are perfect entertainment for toddlers and small children, although even babies have been known to enjoy watching Peter’s antics as well!

    5. Family Central

    The Family Central YouTube channel is all about family movies, and you’ll find a lot of them here. 

    These are somewhat lower-budget films with little-known actors, but still high quality and great entertainment for the whole family.

    On this channel, you’ll find Christmas movies, animal movies, comedy, adventure, and more. These movies are suitable for all ages.  

    6. BabyBus

    If you have a somewhat younger audience in your home, you can’t go wrong with the BabyBus YouTube channel.

    These are all centered around nursery rhymes, meaning that infants and toddlers will love these animated films.

    You’ll find adorable animated characters, fun nursery rhymes, and storylines suitable for young children. They’ll learn important lessons while being entertained.

    The videos in this channel range anywhere from 2 minutes all the way up to over an hour. Just choose the video of the length you’d like for your child and let the characters entertain your child for however long you need.

    7. The Land Before Time

    The movie The Land Before Time was first released in 1988. It followed the adventures of young dinosaurs and their families during their lives in the Great Valley.

    Their story lives on in The Land Before Time YouTube channel

    There you’ll find short films and full-length movies featuring all of the same characters kids of multiple generations have come to love.

    In these movies your child will enjoy music, important life lessons, and of course many adventures. The collection is always growing with new videos added all the time.

    8. Super Toons TV

    If your child loves watching cartoons, they’ll love the Super Toons TV YouTube channel. You may not recognize any of the characters in these cartoons, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t high quality and entertaining.

    These cartoons are suitable for any age. They include fun cartoon series including Booba, Antiks, Oddbods, and more. After watching a few different episodes your child is sure to discover a favorite series and will want to watch every episode.

    9. Casper the Ghost

    There are many classic cartoons that are still great for young children. Take advantage of all of those old cartoons by subscribing to the Casper the Ghost YouTube channel.

    There, you’ll find a large collection filled with hours of adorable Casper the Ghost films. Most of these could be considered movies for kids since they’re an hour or more long. You’ll also find some clips that are shorter than an hour for those times when you just need to preoccupy your child with a cute cartoon for 30 minutes or so.

    10. WB Kids

    Warner Brothers (WB) Kids has a long-established reputation as the primary source for great cartoons. So it should come as no surprise that there’s a WB Kids channel on YouTube.

    You’ll recognize many classic characters on WB like Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and Scooby-Doo. There may not be feature-length movies for kids on this channel, but there’s certainly lots of content that your kids will love.

    WB Kids on YouTube offers a large variety of cartoons, mostly from the Looney Tunes classic cartoon series. In addition to the characters and cartoons mentioned above, you’ll also find a series of cartoons with Animaniacs and even Karaoke and music.

    Most of these are under 10 minutes, but if you want to keep your kids occupied for a while, just play an entire playlist in this channel in order.

    11. Kids Animation Movies

    If your children love children’s movies created by companies like Pixar and Dreamworks, they’ll absolutely love the Kids Animation Movies YouTube channel

    There is a catch with this channel. None of the films actually show the title of the movie you’re going to watch! So this channel filled with full-length animated movies is ideal if you just need a random film for your child to watch.

    You can’t go wrong with any of the films in this channel. They’re all very popular animated films that not only your children will enjoy, but you will too.

    12. ABC – All Babies Channel

    To round up this list, it seems appropriate to mention the All Babies channel on YouTube. Even with all of the great free movies on YouTube for kids, it isn’t always easy to find content that’s age-appropriate for babies.

    If you have an infant, you’ll love the All Babies Channel (ABC).

    These are adorable videos that are sized appropriately for babies’ attention span. These movies aren’t quite movie length. The longest is roughly 30 minutes.

    However, that’s just enough time to keep a baby’s attention. You’ll find topics like learning the alphabet, eating healthy, and learning all about animals.

    You can be sure that your baby will not only be entertained, but will also learn something new that’s age-appropriate.

    Remember, even though you’re keeping your kids on YouTube, if you’re letting them watch movies on your computer or laptop, always make sure to properly child proof your computer.