Reddit is probably one of the best online sources of entertainment after YouTube. When you’re stuck at home, you can browse through interesting subreddits for what seems like forever. Need to kill some time, or simply feel bored at home or at the office? Here are the best 15 subreddits to binge when you have nothing to do.

The Best Educational Subreddits

We divided all of the subreddits on the list into categories. The following subreddits make for good reading material but also help you learn something new and educational. 

Table of Contents

    1. r/Today I Learned (TIL)

    TIL is literally about learning something new every day. You’re bound to find something you didn’t know before while browsing this subreddit. It’s full of curious facts and random stories, like the fact that some species of ants pass the mirror test. Did you know that?

    2. r/ Ask Reddit

    Ask Reddit is considered to be a place for asking thought-provoking questions. However, it’s also a great subreddit to binge, since there are thousands of interesting questions there already answered. The most interesting threads discussing deep questions like whether it’d be possible for the whole planet to speak only one language get thousands of comments. 

    3. r/DataIsBeautiful

    Not into stories? If you’re someone who believes that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, you’ll enjoy the DataIsBeautiful subreddit. Once again, there’s plenty of interesting and random facts and information, only in the form of charts, graphs, and other representations of data. 

    4. r/ You Should Know

    You Should Know is a subreddit full of useful (and not so useful) information from all kinds of things, from Food & Drink to Technology, to Relationships, to even Finance. Every fact is accompanied by a user’s personal experience and findings, so you’ll definitely find something that you can relate to in this subreddit. 

    The Best Subreddits to Binge for Laughs

    Not in the mood for anything deep or provocative but rather just sit back and have a laugh? Try one of the following subreddits that we handpicked specifically for their light-hearted nature. 

    5. r/WTF Stock Photos

    WTF Stock Photos is a subreddit for sharing funny and bizarre stock photos that you come across on websites like Shutterstock or Unsplash. Make sure to look at the comments section as well. 

    6. r/Who Would Win?

    Just a fun subreddit where you can find out how one fictional character would do if they had to face another one. There’s even a debate on which anime characters could run for President if they had to be voted in by the Avengers and the Justice League. 

    7. r/Shittyfoodporn

    We’ve all been there. You find a cute-looking dish on Instagram or Pinterest, follow the recipe and the result is…well, underwhelming to say the least. Do you have any pictures of your creepy-looking culinary masterpieces? You can post them on this subreddit to get some feedback and support (if you need that), or simply browse through the pics that other users post. 

    8. r/First World Problems

    First World Problems is the perfect subreddit for when you’re having a bad day and feel like whining a little. You get to read through some ridiculous complaints that other people make. Quoting: “Lost the remote, now begins the arduous trek to the TV to switch it manually”. And of course, you can write down your own complaints about how unfair this world has been to you to let off some steam.

    The Best Subreddits to Share with Your Friends

    What’s the point of having fun if it can’t be shared? The following are the perfect subreddits to send to your friend or a colleague to make their day a little better. 

    9. r/Blowit: Blow a mind in one sentence

    This subreddit is pretty self-explanatory. Here you’ll find a million and one examples of a one-sentence message that will blow your friend’s mind. Know some incredible facts yourself? Share them in this subreddit to spread the love.

    10. r/Change My View (CMV)

    Is your friend being stubborn about something that you know he’s wrong about? To avoid confrontation, send him a link from this subreddit. If he understands hints, this will solve your problem. If not, Change My View still makes for an entertaining read. 

    11. r/Memes the original since 2008

    Who doesn’t like memes? If you and your friends have run out of memes to share, instead of creating new ones yourself you can use this subreddit for a fresh selection of memes. 

    12. r/Oddly Satisfying

    Oddly Satisfying is centered around pictures and videos rather than text. This subreddit is full of content that is “oddly satisfying”. It’s all about the things that you don’t expect to make you feel this way and be pleasant to look at. Expect everything from a skateboarder completing a perfect trick to a Nokia 3310 phone being destroyed in various ways. 

    The Best Subreddits for Practical Advice

    Do you feel like you need some life advice? It’s always useful to learn new life hacks. You might read about something you didn’t know you needed. 

    13. r/Explain Like I’m Five/Don’t Panic!

    If you feel like your life’s become too complicated lately, Explain Like I’m Five is a great subreddit to visit and make things slow down a little. This subreddit is all about replacing long scientific explanations with short and sweet answers. If you want to know how complex things work but don’t want to overload your brain – this is the perfect place to spend some of your free time online. 

    14. r/Life Pro Tips

    Life Pro Tips is a subreddit where you’ll find life hacks and tips you didn’t know you needed in your life. Some of the advice shared here might seem a little banal, like “Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from”. Still, though, the things you’ll learn here are bound to improve your life in one way or another. 

    15. r/That Happened

    This subreddit also goes by the name Totally true stories that definitely 100% happened, I swear you guys. Some of the stories shared there are actually real. However, they’re all so out of the ordinary, you’ll have a hard time believing anything you find on this subreddit is true. Send a link to it to your friend or a colleague and try to guess which stories are true and which aren’t together. 

    Find Even More Fun Subreddits to Kill the Boredom

    It’s possible that nothing on this list caught your eye and you’re looking for something completely different on Reddit. Check out our guide with 50 more fun subreddits broken down by interest. You’re bound to find something you like there.

    What are some of your favorite subreddits for killing time when you’re bored? Share your Reddit recommendations with us in the comments section below.