The Sims as a whole is a cultural phenomenon. The series currently has four main entries and dozens of smaller expansion packs, stuff packs, and kits. Even with all of these official changes, there is still a wealth of content waiting to be explored through player-made mods. 

Mods like Slice of Life, Meaningful Emotions, and even small mods like the Height Sliders mods can make a world of difference in your Sims experience. Check out this list of some of the best Sims 4 mods on the internet and try them out for yourself, especially if you think you’ve already experienced everything the game has to offer. 

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    The 8 Best Sims 4 Mods to Try

    Bored of the standard Sims 4 experience, even with all of the expansions? Try one of these player-made mods.

    1. Slice of Life

    The Slice of Life modpack isn’t just a single mod — it’s multiple different mods that change the way the game is played by adding in more everyday events. The only mod prerequisite is the base Slice of Life pack. After that, you can pick and choose which of the others you want to use. 

    Some of the choices include:

    • My Alcohol: Replaces the in-game “juice” with alcohol that affects Sims differently based on the kind they drink.
    • My Memories: Allows your Sim to experience memories of different events in their life, such as their first kiss, moving away from home, and more. These memories unlock new social interactions your Sim can take part in. 
    • My Personality: Adds more personality types based on the Myers-Briggs test. It gives greater control over your Sim’s personality, as well as the ability to gain benefits in certain social situations based on that personality type. 

    There are ten different mini-packs within Slice of Life. Choose all of them or only the ones you want to change the way you play the game. 

    2. Emotional Inertia

    If you play the Sims 4 long enough, you’ll know how to fix a bad mood with just a few clicks. Managing your Sims’ emotions becomes less of an immersive feature and more of a chore, but with the Emotional Inertia mod from roBurky, these emotions become more realistic — and hence, more difficult to manage. 

    This mod makes your Sims’ moods more resistant to change, but also more meaningful. To keep your Sim in a good mood, you’ll need to put a bit more effort into the things that keep them in good cheer, like hanging out with friends or eating a favorite food. 

    3. Wonderful Whims

    Dating in the Sims has always felt a little simplistic, especially in the Sims 4. Wonderful Whims changes this aspect of the game and adds a more realistic element of risk to dating and sleeping around — namely, it becomes easier for your Sim to become pregnant. Wonderful Whims adds the need for birth control to the game.

    However, this mod also lets you change your Sims’ preferences when it comes to dating, who they’re attracted to, and much more. Again, like many mods in this vein, it makes the game feel more realistic than the base version of the game. 

    4. Height Slider

    Not every mod affects gameplay; in fact, many mods are focused on the creation aspects of the game. The Height Slider mod lets you create Sims of different heights, supplementing the already-existing Create-a-Sim tool that exists within the game.

    If you’ve ever wanted to create a very short Sim or an incredibly tall Sim, this Height Slider mod can make it possible. In addition, this particular Height Slider mod works without making your Sims’ animations strange-looking. 

    5. Playable Pets

    Long-time Sims players might remember the Pets expansion in The Sims 3. Those features don’t exist in The Sims 4, but the Playable Pets mod brings back some of the best parts of that long-forgotten expansion.

    That said, Playable Pets doesn’t give you a huge amount of control, and it’s one of the simpler mods out there. However, it does allow you to play with dogs and cats again. After all, isn’t that really all you want?

    6. Life Tragedies

    For the most part, the Sims live in a bit of a utopia. A cold might make them miserable for a few days, but it won’t put them six feet under. The Life Tragedies mod makes much more dangerous illnesses possible. Your Sim might catch pneumonia, get hit by a car, and more.

    This mod makes it entirely possible for your Sim to die. This mod isn’t for everyone. Be aware that it can get quite dark: armed robbery, kidnapping, and more. If any of these are sensitive topics for you, it might be better to steer clear. 

    7. Live In Business

    Jobs and careers are important, but a lot of people (especially today!) work from home. The Live In Business mod lets you extend that same possibility to your Sims. From the famed LittleMsSam, the Live In Business mod is actually a collection of packs similar to the Slice of Life mod. 

    Through this mod, you can open up a daycare, bar, cafe, or even a gym in your home. Depending on the kind of business you want to open, other mods may be required. All in all, it’s a fantastic mod for those who want to pursue a non-traditional career for their Sim.

    8. MC Command Center

    The Sims 4 adds a lot of random elements to the game, and honestly, that’s part of the fun. However, if you’re trying to create a custom setting or scenario you might want a little bit more control than the game wants to give you. This is where the MC Command Center mod comes into play.

    This mod gives you an incredible amount of control over many of the game’s functions. You can fine-tune the population of your town, change the outfits some Sims spawn with, distribute individual skill points, and much more. 

    If you’ve mastered the Sims 4, take the game to the next level. Download one, a few, or all of these mods. Don’t just stick to this list — there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different mods available for the game that will change everything about your experience with the game.