Taking those first steps towards veganism may feel daunting, but there are tons of resources available that can help you make the switch and stick to it. Whether you need help identifying vegan products, making meal plans, or getting some extra motivation, there are some great smartphone apps you can download now to make these things easier. 

The apps listed below were created by like-minded vegan individuals wanting to help those who are new or even long-term vegans continue to make a positive impact. So no matter where you are on this journey, these are some useful apps to try for yourself.

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    1. Vegan Pocket

    Not sure if that box of crackers is vegan? Sometimes figuring this out is tricky, especially when labels can be misleading. You can skip right through all the questioning by using the Vegan Pocket app, which allows you to scan any product and have it tell you whether or not it’s vegan. 

    Press the Scan button, and you’ll be able to allow access to your phone’s camera, where you can then scan the product’s barcode directly within the app. You’ll get an answer almost instantly, saving you the time to look up products or ingredients yourself and make your shopping trips effortless. 

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    2. ForksMealPlanner

    Need help planning some weekly meals? If you’re short on time and want to take the guesswork out of vegan meal planning, the free ForksMealPlanner app is a fantastic help. Created by the folks from Forks Over Knives, the app provides tons of free recipe ideas, a daily meal planner, a shopping list, a weekend prep guide, and more. 

    If you want to, you can also upgrade the app to get access to everything it offers, such as alternate meal plans and over a thousand recipes. However, the free version itself provides plenty of help, making it easy to plan meals. 

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    3. Garden Plate

    This app is a great, easy way to find vegan recipes, with many of them available for free. Once you find some recipes you like, you can save them and add their ingredients to a shopping list within the app. 

    You can find recipes for dinner, lunch, dessert, and even recipes for more specific diets such as gluten-free or raw vegan foods. You can also search for particular foods. All in all, this app has tons of great recipes to give you some meal inspiration and help you make great vegan food.

    Download for iOS

    4. Oh She Glows

    The minute I opened this app, my mouth started to water. Need even more vegan recipe ideas? This app is a great resource, with a beautiful layout and amazing pictures of food that’ll get you excited to start cooking. 

    You can filter recipes to find ones perfect for your diet, and you can favorite the ones you like the most to find them again easily. All the recipes listed on the app are free, but you can also buy bundles of recipes, usually for very cheap or by completing an action such as sharing the app. Oh She Glows is one of the best vegan recipe apps, as you’ll find out once you try it.

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    5. abillion

    abillion allows you to write reviews for vegan food products or restaurants and then gives you $1 to donate to a vegan-related cause of your choice. If you want to stay motivated and help create more change globally, this app is a must-try. 

    The app has many social media aspects where you can see what other people have reviewed, find food in your area, and discover new products to try. It’s a great way to find support and further your vegan lifestyle. Out of all the apps in this list, abillion may be my favorite, simply because it allows you to make some tangible change just by eating good food!

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    6. DailyDozen

    If you’re finding that you’re having a hard time tracking nutrition information while going vegan, this app inspired by doctor Michael Gregor’s work can help immensely. Instead of monitoring macronutrients, all you need to do is track how much of each type of food you’re eating per day, such as beans, fruits, greens, etc.

    The app also lists how much is considered one serving and the different types of these foods that count. Getting your nutrition in this way is much less daunting and shows just how easy it is to eat well as a vegan. 

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    Go Vegan With These Apps

    Once you start using the apps above, you’ll likely find yourself excited to begin your new mode of eating. Or, if you already are a vegan, these apps can help you learn even more and improve your diet. 

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