Do you and your loved ones have a tradition of giving each other gifts for Thanksgiving? Whether you’re going to spend this holiday together at the same table or hold a family e-dinner over a video call, you can always make this day special by getting your gadget-loving family member or friend a tech gift they will enjoy using. 

We put together a list of cool tech and smart home gadgets that you can use as your holiday gift inspiration this Thanksgiving or any other holiday. We’ll start with the cheaper options and move on to the more expensive but also more practical gift ideas. 

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    1. KINGMAS 3 in 1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

    Price: from $12.99. 

    The second best thing to having everyone together in one place is having a digital memory of your get-together saved on your phone. If everyone in your circle has the latest iPhone model, you can skip to the next gift idea. However, not many other phones have the ability to take professional-looking photos. Paired with a 3 in 1 camera lens kit, however, you can turn an ordinary phone into a DSLR-like device. 

    The KINGMAS 3 in 1 camera lens kit comes with 3 different lenses – a fisheye, a wide-angle lens, and a 15x macro lens – all come with a handy clip to fix it on top of your smartphone’s camera. A perfect gift for someone who’s into photography.

    2. Razer Zephyr Face Mask

    Price: $99.

    Razer Zephyr is a perfect wearable and gift for anyone who’s into gaming, post-apocalyptic themes, comic books, and tech in general. It’s also a perfect way to show someone you care about their health and want to keep them safe. 

    Razer Zephyr is a gaming-grade face mask with RGB lights and N95-level protection. It works as an air purifier with two fans on both sides of your face that ensure you only breathe in filtered air. While Razer Zephyr is definitely not a gift for just anyone, it’s definitely a great gift for someone who appreciates the apocalyptic chic look. 

    3. Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Outdoor Speaker

    Price: $109.99

    If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone who loves music, have a look at the Soundcore Motion Boom speaker by Anker. It’s got great bass, stereo sound, and delivers up to 24 hours of playtime on a single charge. The Soundcore Motion Boom only weighs 4.41lb, which makes it portable enough to take outdoors or bring with you on a trip

    On top of that, it’s IPX7 waterproof, and floats. The Soundcore Motion Boom is a superior speaker for its price and will make for a great addition to your Thanksgiving party. 

    4. Heyup Boxe Portable 1080P Projector

    Price: $169.

    What could be better than spending quality time with your family and friends after the celebratory dinner watching the videos you took on your last vacation together? Only watching them on a big screen. Now you can do it right in your living room using the portable 1080P projector Heyup Boxe. 

    At only 2.7lb, Boxe is lightweight and portable enough for you to set it up in your living room, as well as in your garden if you want to bring the party outdoors. You can use WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, or HDMI to connect your other devices to Boxe and watch your videos in a 1080P High-Definition or 4K quality. 

    Heyup Boxe is capable of projecting your image into a 120-inch screen size and uses the 4 point keystone correction which allows you to adjust the corners manually and get your image straight.

    Boxe also comes with a built-in speaker and an internal 7800 mAh battery and can last up to 90 minutes on a single charge, making it a great gadget to take with you on your travels. Not to mention it has a cute design that will appeal to almost anyone (it kind of looks like one of the Minions). It might not be a top-of-the-line projector that will impress all guests but in its price range Boxe still sports impressive specs and is more than enough to enjoy a movie on a quiet night in a family circle. 

    5. Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum

    *10_dreame robot vacuum*

    Price: $599. 

    If you’re sharing your living space with your family, a smart home gadget will make for a great gift, as it improves the lives of everyone in the household. While you can go for different options here like a smart security system, or smart lighting accessories, the most useful gadget of them all is a robot vacuum. 

    Dreametech Z10 Pro is one of the current leaders when it comes to the top robot vacuum cleaners. It’s completely automated thanks to its clip-on water tank and mop, and an auto-empty dock. 

    On its first use, you’ll need to connect your Dreame Z10 Pro to your home WiFi network and use the Xiaomi Home app to allow your robot vacuum to scan and memorize your entire place. After that, you can set it to clean your house automatically at a certain time of day. 

    Don’t be afraid if you have children or pets running around the house, Dreame Z10 Pro has superior sensors and will stop the cleaning processes if it detects someone or something blocking its path. 

    Dreame Z10 Pro comes with 4 suction settings (quiet, standard, strong, and turbo) which you can change manually. The quiet mode is a great option for morning cleaning when you don’t want to wake anyone. The turbo setting allows for some proper deep cleaning, like removing gravy stains from your carpet after the dinner is finished. 

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    While we’re certain any of these gadgets would make for a great gift, it doesn’t mean they’d be the perfect gift for the techie in your life. If you’re struggling with choosing the right gift for a special person in your life, sometimes the best strategy is to ask them what they’d like to get. Of course, it’d ruin the surprise part but you’ll also ensure that no one will leave the party disappointed. 

    What would be a perfect tech gift for you this Thanksgiving? Share your gift ideas with us in the comments section below. 

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