Clean house, clean mind. While it’s not scientifically proven that your mental health and cleaning are connected, it’s definitely true that keeping your house clean is better for your physical health. But do you actually need to buy an expensive robot vacuum cleaner, or will a standard new-gen vacuum do the job just as well? 

We took two of the best representatives of the next-gen vacuum cleaners – a robot vacuum cleaner, Roborock S7, and a cordless stick cleaner, Roborock H7 – and compared them to see which one is the superior cleaning device. If you’re trying to decide whether buying a robot vacuum cleaner is worth it, and which vacuum is better for your needs, this review will help you make your choice. 

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    Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Specifications

    Size: 13.9×13.7×3.8 inches

    Weight: 10.3 lbs

    Dust Bin Capacity: 470 ml

    Mop Feature: detachable auto-lifting mop, pressure mopping

    Water Tank Capacity: 300 ml

    Smart Home Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri

    Battery: 5200 mAH, charging time under 6 hours

    Price: from $599

    It’s hard to imagine a gadget more useful around the house than a robot vacuum. The main selling point of it is the ability to leave it unsupervised and have it clean your house while you’re at work or busy with other tasks. However, with previous models, there have been multiple issues, like the robot getting stuck between chair legs, or not being able to get onto the room carpet. 

    The Roborock S7 is the first hybrid vacuum and mopping robot cleaner that you can actually leave unsupervised without worrying about it getting stuck or destroying your property. This is thanks to the auto-lifting mop, carpet detection, and automatic room recognition. However, is the Roborock S7 worth its steep price? 

    Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Specifications

    Size: 112 x 44 x 91 inches

    Weight: 3.2 lbs

    Dust Bin Capacity: 500 ml

    Mop Feature: mop accessory sold separately

    Battery: 3610 mAH, charging time 2.5 hours

    Extra Brushes: multi-surface brush, motorized mini brush, dusting brush, and a crevice tool

    Price: from $449

    If you’re not convinced about the benefits of getting a robot vacuum, the H7 cordless stick vacuum is a great alternative. It comes with a powerful 480W engine which creates a maximum suction of 160AW. It has 3 cleaning modes – standard, powerful max mode, and eco mode. In eco mode, the H7 can last over an hour on a single charge, more than enough to complete your cleaning. 

    The Roborock H7 is a cordless vacuum, which makes it easier for you to reach different corners and locations in your house when cleaning. Plus, it doesn’t take too much storage space as your normal vacuum would. However, if you still need to do the cleaning yourself, is it fair to say that the H7 is the next-generation vacuum cleaner? 

    Functionality and Features

    The main argument people have against robot vacuums is that they promise more than they can actually deliver. This is not the case with the S7 as it’s the first hybrid vacuum cleaner that does both vacuuming and mopping, which puts it ahead of the H7. 

    The S7 robot vacuum comes with a mop and a water tank that you can easily refill. Once you fill the water tank and install the mop, the S7 will vacuum and mop your floors simultaneously. Thanks to the auto-lifting mop feature, your vacuum can get on top of your carpets, as long as they’re not thicker than 4-5mm. The only downside here is that you cannot put any sort of detergent in the water tank, meaning that the S7 might struggle with the more difficult carpet stains. 

    With the H7, you can also get a mop add-on. However, since it’s not included in the original package, the Roborock S7 wins this round.

    Winner: Roborock S7. 

    Ability to Reach Every Corner of Your House

    The Roborock S7 can clean and mop your floors at the same time, but it still has its limitations. For example, it can’t climb up a thick carpet and isn’t very efficient when it comes to vacuuming corners. If you live in a multi-story apartment, the S7 won’t be as useful either, as it can’t climb up the stairs.

    If you live in a place with lots of corners and uneven floors, the H7 might be a better choice of vacuum for you. The H7 comes with a number of brushes that provide different functionality, allowing you to reach every corner of your house, high and low when cleaning. Aside from the normal carpet brush, you can also use the motorized mini-brush, flex tube, and dusting brush. Since the H7 is cordless and lightweight, you can take it outside of your house and use it to vacuum your car or your garage. 

    With all these accessories, it might seem that the H7 should take up much more space in your house than the S7. Roborock has thought of that too, and the H7 now comes with a magnetic base that you can conveniently place on any surface in your house, even a fridge. You can attach all of the brushes to the base and keep the whole H7 set together. 

    Winner: Roborock H7. 

    Ability to Work Unsupervised

    One big advantage that the S7 robot vacuum has over the H7 is the ability to clean your house unsupervised. The S7 might be the first robot vacuum that you can actually trust to clean your house when you’re away, even if you have children or pets around (thanks to the child-lock feature). 

    The first time you use your S7, you need to sync it with the Roborock app and your home network. After you add the S7 dock to the network, your vacuum will take the first trip to map the area and recognize any obstacles in the room. You can edit that map later in the app, creating the no-go zones, or no-mop areas. You can also set the S7 to clean different rooms in different modes. For example, if you need intense mopping of the kitchen, but want to use the low power silent mode in the bedroom.

    After you’re happy with the room setup, you can use the Roborock app to schedule your full house cleaning for as often as you like. This round goes to the Roborock S7, thanks to its ability to work unsupervised while you’re away. 

    Winner: Roborock S7.  

    The Price

    Even if the price isn’t the first thing you consider when investing into a new vacuum, it should still be one of your priorities. Nobody likes to overspend, especially if it’s not entirely justified. 

    The winner of this round is the Roborock H7. Sure, the robot S7 is an impressive addition to your smart home setup. But if you’re just looking for a portable but powerful vacuum cleaner to keep your place in order, the H7 will do the job just fine. Plus, you’ll be saving over a hundred dollars by buying the cheaper alternative. 

    Winner: Roborock H7.

    The Robot Vacuum S7 vs The Cordless Stick Vacuum H7: Who Won?

    Whether you end up choosing S7 or H7, you’ll get a powerful vacuum cleaner. Both options are a good investment. It’s also hard to say which vacuum is superior before you know a few things, like the exact layout of the house it’ll be used in, the budget, and cleaning needs of the owner. 

    If you’re looking for the most versatile vacuum that can clean different surfaces and reach every corner of your house, the H7 is the winner. However, if you’re someone who hates hovering and would rather splash out a little but get a robot cleaner, the Roborock S7 is your best option. 

    If you’re dead set on getting yourself a robot cleaner but the S7 is out of your budget, look at its predecessors like the Roborock S6, or check out other robot vacuums for under $500

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