You probably consider yourself a smart person. You have a smartphone, a smart home, and maybe even a smart car. But do you have smart glasses? Not many people do — at least, not yet. 

Smart glasses seem like something you’d see on Tony Stark in an Avengers movie. However, it’s going mainstream and is available on sites like Amazon. The question now is, why buy them? What can they do that your other smart gadgets can’t? And which are the best smart glasses you can buy right now?

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    What Are The Benefits Of Smart Glasses?

    Besides being the only person in your class, job, or block with them, you’ll find a host of other reasons to put a pair of smart glasses on. Smart glasses are the next step in innovation for smart wear. It will connect you to the web, phone calls, camera, music, and other convenient features. 

    In other words, you’ll be able to read through your grocery list as you shop. Or connect on a call while you’re driving (without disrupting your vision, of course). Voice commands and personalizations will make it a breeze to operate. 

    Then as you’d imagine, you can also use it for VR games, listening to music, and lifelogging (because they will most definitely have cameras on them). 

    Excited yet? Then let’s jump into some of the best smart glasses you can add to your daily wear today. 

    Vuzix M400 – Offers The Best Power

    When you want a pair of smart glasses that can compare to a top-notch tablet, then you need to go for the Vuzix M400. It comes with an 8 core 2.52 Ghz processor, 6GB of ram, and 64GB of storage space. 

    It runs the Android 8.1 operating system and enables you to send texts, make/receive calls, and record videos on its 12.8MP camera. Plus, it has a second-generation USB 3.1 Type C for additional storage or file sharing. 

    They’re ideal for active people, such as those who enjoy hiking, biking, and traveling. You get up to 32GB of storage space, which means plenty of room to download your favorite shows and music to watch while you’re on the road. 

    Then for the socialites, you can connect to the web and social platforms to share photos and videos you capture of your great outdoor adventures. 

    The price tag is quite steep for some – ranging around $1,500.

    Vuzix Blade – Best Overall Smart Glasses

    Yet another pair of Vuzix smart glasses makes it to the list. This time, the design isn’t as sleek, but the capabilities are still impressive. 

    For instance, it comes with Augmented Reality technology, as well as Alexa (Amazon’s AI assistant). The way it works is by displaying images in front of the right lens. You get full-color imagery, and the glasses use Digital Light Processing technology. Vuzix Blade comes equipped with quad-core ARM CPU and an Android operating system. 

    As for the camera, it’s 8MP and records in full HD 1080p. There’s even an integrated microphone you can use for voice commands. Or you can opt to control it with touchpad gestures. 

    These are some of the best smart glasses whether you need to check your calendar, watch videos, or conduct research online. 

    The price you’ll pay for these is around $800. 

    Epson Moverio BT-300FPV – Best For Controlling Drones

    There’s nothing like sitting back and viewing drone footage in real-time. The first-person aerial views are incredible, and you get full control of your drone using Epson Moverio smart glasses. 

    You’re able to see the drone’s feed, as well as its flight stats. For instance, you can see how high it is and how fast it’s going. The front-facing camera (which is 5MP) allows you to record footage of your flights using its 16GB storage space. The camera also comes with 1280 x 720 pixels and a 23-degree field of view.

    Surprisingly, the glasses aren’t bulky goggles, like you’d imagine. Instead, they have a sleek and futuristic design. 

    The price tag for these sits around $500. 

    Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 – Best For Businesses

    You have smart glasses for home and flying drones, but what about your work life? If you work in a company, then having gadgets that can make your day flow better is vital. 

    With Google Glass Enterprise Edition, you get access to the best hands-free features. The voice commands make it a breeze to launch what you need when you need it. For example, all you have to say is “Okay Glass” and it’ll launch the right app for you.

    Then employees can watch training videos, checklists, and images containing annotated notes. Everyone can stay connected, which makes collaboration seamless. 

    Plus, you can use it in demanding work environments, such as maintenance facilities and manufacturing floors. 

    As for what’s inside, you’ll find 32GB of storage and a multicore CPU and artificial intelligence engine in its Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform. 

    The price? You can expect to pay around $999 for a pair. 

    There’s Something For Everyone

    What makes smart glasses great is that there are designs that suit different lifestyles. So whether you like to record videos, workout, hike, or run a business, there’s something for you. 

    This list is just a glimpse into the world of smart glasses, which has a lot more to offer. We’ll also see more advanced technologies being integrated into them in the near future.