If you’re like most people, you want to start (and finish!) your Christmas shopping as early as possible. Shopping for the nerd or geek in your life can be a tough endeavor, especially if you don’t know what to get them. This list of gift ideas is unique and will help you find the perfect Christmas gift for the nerds you know.

1. Elago 1998 iMac Apple Watch Stand

The 1998 iMac might not be the most powerful machine on the market anymore, but come on–this Apple Watch Stand is pure nostalgia for old-school Mac users. The stand looks great but makes it easy to see your Apple Watch at a glance to change alarms and read messages.

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    2. Pac-Man Lamp

    Everyone knows Pac-Man. This lamp is a bit of a stylish accessory that plays 12 retro Pac-Man sounds and lends a bit of ambiance to a space. Best of all, it plugs straight in. N–no need for batteries. 

    3. 8BitDo Retro Cube Bluetooth Speaker

    The top of this speaker features a giant D-Pad reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System. What better choice for someone in your life that loves retro gaming and listening to chiptunes while going about their day-to-day chores?

    4. Ledger Nano S Currency Hardware Wallet

    When cryptocurrency was at its peak, a lot of people dabbled in trying to generate an income. Cryptocurrency continues to fascinate people, so if you have a nerd in your life that likes to play around with Bitcoin, this hardware wallet is the perfect gift for them to keep an eye on their Bitcoin amounts. 

    5. TMNT Pizza Cookbook

    Cowabunga, dude! No self-respecting geek or nerd hates pizza. Throw in a healthy love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this pizza cookbook is a great gift to spice up your homemade pies. Just watch out for Master Shredder.

    6. Hermione’s Time Turner

    This is the perfect gift for that nerdy someone that loves Harry Potter. This Time Turner is licensed by Warner Brothers and is plated in 24 karat gold. Itand even includes a display for showing it off. The only thing it can’t do is actually turn back time so you can read Harry Potter again for the first time. 

    7. Slothzilla Shower Curtain

    There’s just something about sloths. Maybe it’s their cute little faces, or maybe it’s the fact that everyone can relate to moving that slow first thing in the morning. Either way, if you know a geek that loves sloths, this shower curtain makes a phenomenal gift. 

    8. Firefly Playing Cards

    If you ever find yourself in an Alliance-friendly bar on U Day, you better have a set of playing cards to swindle those Browncoat-haters out of their credits. For anyone that’s a fan of Firefly, these playing cards make a great gift for a nerd. 

    9. Star Wars Silicon Ice Cube Trays

    May the Force be with you…and your drink. This set of Star Wars-themed ice cube trays will let you make ice in the shape of the Millenium Falcon, the X-Wing, Boba Fett, and even Han frozen in Carbonite. It’s a fantastic option for someone that wants to bring a little bit of a galaxy far, far away to their everyday.

    10. Chemistry Shot Glasses

    What better way to understand the chemistry of alcohol on the body than to drink out of a beaker, an Erlenmeyer flask, and other chemistry-themed shot glasses? This is a great gift for a chemistry student (provided they’re over 21!)

    11. Solar System Crystal Ball

    If you know someone that loves astronomy, what better gift for thanem an engraved crystal ball with the solar system inside it? This makes an excellent decoration for a shelf or a desk, and it can start a bit of a debate since they only include eight planets. Poor Pluto. 

    12. Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout

    [Danny DeVito Cutout]

    Danny DeVito is beloved by nerds everywhere for his acerbic wit and twisted sense of humor. If you’d like to have him around you at all times (or you think it would be a fun way to freak out roommates), this life-size cardboard cutout is a fantastic gift option. 

    13. C64 Mini

    Many people have fond memories of hours spent playing the Commodore 64. The C64 Mini is one of the latest miniature consoles to grace the market and makes a great gift for anyone old enough to remember the original console

    14. Arduino Starter Kit

    The Arduino Starter Kit is a great way for someone to begin experimenting with electronics. The kit includes numerous projects to start with, as well as many components that can be applied in a largehuge number of different ways. Best of all, Arduino projects can easily be expanded into real-world applications.