There has never been a better time to start a YouTube channel. More people are turning to social and independent forms of media than ever before, with many young viewers completely turning away from television networks.

Popular YouTube videos frequently get viewed millions of times. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by advertisers and sponsors, and it’s no surprise that self-produced videos are becoming as popular as traditional forms of digital entertainment.

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    The most popular types of videos on YouTube can vary greatly, but they frequently fall under the same categories. If you are looking for YouTube video ideas, this is the perfect place to start.

    Unboxing Videos

    Everyone loves the feeling that comes from opening something new. Whether it’s the latest tech device, clothing, makeup, or toys, unboxing videos remain among the most popular videos on YouTube.

    The Ultimate Lockdown Display...

    The beauty of unboxing videos is how flexible they can be. Everything from the latest iPhone to military rations from the First World War attracts huge numbers of viewers, and you only need a smartphone camera and a tabletop to get started.

    Product Reviews

    Thorough reviews of consumer items are becoming a dominant force on YouTube. Marques Brownlee, a popular review channel with over 11 million subscribers, frequently uploads thorough reviews of all the latest releases in the tech world.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: The Go-To!

    It’s not just limited to tech reviews though, sneakers, kids’ toys, and even military rations dating back to before the First World War gain millions of daily views.

    Technology Explained

    If you know your way around a popular device or computer program, why not share your knowledge with an online audience? You are likely an expert user of the apps and devices you use daily. YouTube videos explaining all forms of technology remain as popular as ever.

    Troubleshooting Corrupted SD Cards

    If you’re looking for YouTube video ideas in this area, everything from full walkthroughs of a device, to quick tips explaining certain features of technology, are solid topics for YouTube videos. Check out a video from our own YouTube channel above!


    Video bloggers on YouTube attract millions of views, giving personal takes on popular topics, or simply sharing their daily lives with their audiences. Many combine vlogging with another kind of media like music, art, or gaming.

    50 facts about me ~ Frannerd

    Vlogging is unique among YouTube video categories, as everyone brings something different to the table. From YouTube celebrities like Logan Paul and Liza Koshy to more intimate (but still very successful) channels like Frannerd, vlogs are a simple way to build a loyal audience.

    If you have an opinion, idea, or just want to get something off your chest, starting a vlog is a great way to become a YouTuber.


    If you love making people laugh, creating comedy for YouTube might be for you. Some comedy channels crossover with vlogging or gaming, but YouTube is also the perfect platform for sketch comedians like Gus Johnson.

    From funny game commentary to anarchic cooking tips, YouTube has kickstarted the career of many comedians.

    Beauty & Fashion Tips

    Do you have a keen eye for a fabulous outfit? Are you a dab hand with mascara, lip liner, and eye shadow? Showing how to apply perfect makeup or choose clothes that complement your body are topics that constantly remain in demand on YouTube.

    Beauty related videos received over 169 billion views in 2018, and that number will grow even more in the coming years. You don’t need the latest makeup or the most expensive clothes, DIY how-to videos are just as popular. Whatever your style or technique, share the skills you’ve learned with the world.

    Animal & Pet Videos

    Do you get hours of happiness and satisfaction out of watching your pets? According to YouTube views, so does the entire internet. Filming your pet going about its daily routine may seem odd, but this is exactly what turned Maru – a Scottish Fold cat – into a Guinness World Record holder for the most-watched animal on YouTube.

    Maru - The most watched animal on YouTube - Japan Tour

    It’s not all about cats either – dogs, rats, horses, pigs, even insects, and snakes. For almost every animal there is, a loyal fanbase awaits. 

    Gaming On YouTube

    If gaming is your passion, YouTube is the perfect place to share it. According to Google’s own Consumer Insights team, two of the top five YouTube channels with the most subscribers are gaming related.

    Whether you are sharing tips and theories about your favorite games, highlighting a lesser-known release, or showing how much you dominate in a Battle Royale, gaming and YouTube go hand in hand.

    Educational Videos

    YouTube has become one of the largest online resources for learning. Whether people want to learn about academic subjects, get cooking tips, or become more productive, the popularity of videos that teach continues to grow.

    Not all education content has to be serious. The irreverent and sometimes weird style of Vsauce has been a firm favorite on YouTube for over a decade.

    Start Creating Today

    There are many popular types of YouTube videos, and this list of YouTube video ideas should help you work out what kind of content you want to create. Once you’ve decided on a topic, you’ll be ready to create your first YouTube channel.

    Almost all popular YouTube channels have one thing in common: consistency. Upload videos that you would enjoy watching regularly, and you’ll be rewarded by a growing loyal fanbase.