Windows 10

Mount an ISO Image in Windows 10

by File in: Windows 10

There is one great new feature of Windows 10 that has made life easier for some of us out there: you can now mount ISO images in Windows 10 without any additional third-party software! I’ve played around with mounting various ISO images and so far it works great. Actually, this feature has been around since […]

Boot Windows 8/10 into Safe Mode

by File in: Windows 10

We all have gotten accustomed to pressing either F2 or F8 to get the advanced boot options since Windows 2000, probably even before that. In every version of Windows, you always could count on the slower boot process to actually press the key when the text message appeared. Well, those days are gone! In Windows […]

Show File Extensions and Hidden Files in Windows 10

by File in: Windows 10

Microsoft has learned a few things in the last couple of years and one of those is that it was always a pain to view file extensions and hidden files in previous versions of Windows. You had to go to Folder and search options and check off a few boxes there. Then when you were […]