Which Streaming Video Provider Is the Best Value?

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Streaming services have taken over homes, winning over more subscriptions than traditional TV. But with each service requiring a monthly subscription, you’ll probably find that you don’t want to weigh your budget down with too many of them. Some are a better bargain than others based on price alone, but you do need to pay […]

Why Google Calendar Is The Best Online Calendar Service

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At one time, you had to keep a paper-based calendar if you wanted to track appointments. Unless you carried it everywhere with you, chances were you wouldn’t have it on hand when you needed it most. Additionally, there was no way to easily share the information with other people in your life who might need […]

Why It’s Worth Still Using Bing For Your Web Searches

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When the internet first gained widespread popularity, there was no shortage of search engines. Whether it was Lycos, Yahoo!, AltaVista, or Ask Jeeves, everyone seemed to have a favorite. But in the late 90s, one search engine came along to wipe everyone else off the map. Only a few Google competitors remain, and even today, […]

Bots That Will Instantly Make Your Facebook Messenger More Useful

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Facebook Messenger bots are probably the most useful tool you didn’t even know existed until now. You can receive alerts and information directly in Messenger, a tool you probably currently use just for staying in touch with friends. But businesses are rushing to find a way to use Facebook Messenger to engage their own customers. […]