The Quick Guide To Creating Stunning Google Slides

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Slide decks are widely used in the business world for presenting strategies, selling products, and conveying any information in a visually appealing way. Google Slides is a robust presentation tool. […]

7 Best Christmas Gifts for the Hearing Impaired Techie

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The holidays are around the corner. Are you thinking of gift ideas for those you care about who have hearing impairment? In this article, we’ll suggest several Christmas gift ideas […]

7 Best Christmas Gifts for Sight Impaired Techies

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Are you looking for gift ideas for visually-impaired techies? The technology world has levelled the playing field by developing state-of-the-art gadgets for 250 million people with vision impairment. There are […]

10 Best Surface Pen Apps for Windows

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The Surface Pen is a handy tool that lets you do cool things on your Surface PC. You can use it as a mouse and a keyboard. By default, your […]

6 Extensions You Can Use To Block Ads In Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge is currently considered the fastest web browser available. Users benefit by being able to open web pages quickly, but ads slow down the process and interfere with the […]

10 Essential WordPress Plugins For a Small Business Website

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Whether your small business niche is plumbing, SEO services, or wedding planning, you want your small business website to deliver on your business goals.  One of the many benefits of […]

LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office – Which Is The Best For You?

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The key difference between LibreOffice and Microsoft is that LibreOffice is an open-source, free suite of office products while Microsoft Office is a commercial office suite product package that requires […]

Top 10 Trello Tips to Power Up Your Productivity

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Are you a visual learner looking for a powerful project management tool? Look no further than Trello. Trello is easy-to-use, intuitive, collaborative, and visual. It rates well against similar applications […]

How To Use Linux To Reset a Windows Password

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Your Windows login acts as a barrier for hackers as well as a defence against unintended intrusion, data manipulation and the accidental swipe of the keyboard by family and colleagues […]

How To Convert a PowerPoint Presentation Into Google Slides

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Do you have to edit your Powerpoint presentation in Google Slides but don’t know how? There is no need to worry. We have you covered. Since Google Slides and Microsoft […]