August 2019

4 Time Management Tools That Will Save Your Sanity

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Time is one of the weirdest things in the world. We all only have a finite amount of it and none of us know how much we have in total. […]

4 Ways That Mixer Is a Better Streaming Platform Than Twitch

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Fortnite superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins shocked gamers worldwide when he announced that he would no longer be streaming on Twitch and is moving to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s platform, Mixer. […]

How to Bulk Resize Photos Using Windows 10

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You can easily and quickly resize a single photo manually, but what if you need to manually resize a bunch of photos? In this article, we’ll go through the process […]

How To Easily Add Watermarks To Your Online Images Before Uploading

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If you’ve ever had problems with people stealing your images after you posted them online, or you want to make sure that nobody would want to swipe your photos, you […]

Best Websites & Browser Plugins To Improve Your Netflix Experience

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Netflix is awesome but it’s not always so easy to find something new to watch. Sure, you could browse, use the app on your phone, or stream Netflix to […]

3 Slideshow Screensavers Far Better Than The Windows 10 Default

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Screensavers are an interesting tool in the modern computer age. As the name suggests, they were originally created to protect CRT screens from permanent burn-in. These days the almost-universal screen […]

How To Find Reliable Wi-Fi Hotspots When You’re Out & About

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In the modern world, any restaurant or convenience store that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi feels a bit dated. After all, shouldn’t every place offer Wi-Fi? The truth is, while popular […]

How To Quickly Unfollow a Game Channel On Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch “News” channel is a great tool for staying on top of the latest developments for your favorite games. If you open your Switch and select the News […]

How To Create Music & Video Playlists On Various Platforms

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With millions of songs and videos available on various online platforms, it sometimes becomes difficult to separate your favorite ones from the others. I used to spend a lot of […]

The Best Tools to Teach Yourself a Language

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When it comes to learning a language, the single best way is to fly to a country that speaks that language and immerse yourself completely in that culture and way […]