March 2019

7 Best Free Email Accounts You Should Consider

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Email is such a huge part of your everyday life. While access to free email accounts is great, it isn’t very useful if those email services don’t offer all the features you need. There are countless free email services online today. Some are tailored for privacy. Others are meant to be integrated with all your […]

Search for Only Add-On Items on Amazon

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Becoming a savvy Amazon shopper is an art. You’ve got to know how, when, and where to find the best deals and savings, how to utilize Warehouse Deals and Subscribe & Save offers, and so much more. However, what do you know about add-on items? Add-on items are a fairly new addition to Amazon, and […]

Cash App Review – The Easiest Way to Send and Receive Money

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It should be easy to send and receive money online, whether for a dinner payback, an instant birthday gift, a small loan, or any other reason. Fortunately, there are lots of online money-sending apps and services to pick from, so which should you choose? One option is Cash App. It’s available online and via the […]

Five Robots Every Future-Conscious Homeowner Needs

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Automation is changing the world, and it has been for years. Robotic apparatuses help build our vehicles, while artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming both the way businesses operate and the corporate roles people play. It’s a fascinating progression – one that some are hesitant to declare positive, fearing robots could replace too much […]

Top 10 Chrome Extensions and Tools for Web Designers

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If you are designer in need of some useful tools to speed up, collaborate or audit your web development projects, Chrome extension has a multitude of tools. This list comprises some of the most popular – and some would argue necessary – tools and Chrome extensions that every user doing design work should have in […]

Cool New Features in Google Chrome v73

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Google’s most recent stable version of Chrome, version 73, has some fun new features that make it worth talking about. Really, who ever talks about the newest version of a web browser? Yet these features are unique and useful for just about anyone. While you’re at it, learn about some great Chrome features you should […]

The 4 Best Smartwatches of 2019

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The early models of smart watches paled in comparison to what is available on the market today. Early smart watches were bulky, unattractive, and not functional. The ones you can buy today are the complete opposite—incredibly functional, slim, and as far from “nerdy” accessories as they can get. The health and safety features, convenience, and […]

Common Smartphone Security Features and How They Work

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There are several security functions on the average smartphone intended to protect your data from the outside world. Devices have always had several options for users to employ, but as mobile technology advances, the numbers of ways to unlock a smartphone only increase. Gone are the days when devices has only password, PIN, and pattern […]

The Best Smart Plugs in 2019 that Work with Alexa and Google Home

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Everyone wants to cut energy costs. One of the easiest ways to do that is through energy monitoring tools, but another simple solution is to eliminate phantom power draw. “Phantom power” is energy drawn by devices even when not in direct use, such as to power LED displays. The only way to stop phantom power […]

10 of the Best Apps to Scan and Manage Receipts

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Whether you own your own business or you’re just trying to track expenses as part of your job, the following 10 apps will help you scan, track, and manage your receipts. The criteria used to choose the best receipt scanning apps included ease-of-use, quality of scans, OCR functionality, and user reviews. The best apps for […]