Use an HTML iPhone Email Signature

In your iPhone’s settings menu, you can create a signature that iPhone will add to every email you send from the device. Most of us leave it as the default Sent from my iPhone. You can change the text of your signature, but it will always remain a boring, text-based signature. has devised a way to add HTML signatures to email sent from your iPhone.


From the iPhone Signature Generator page on CoolGeex’s website, either click Create Account and provide your personal information, or click Login with Facebook.


Once logged in, you must configure your signature. First, fill in your name, then your job title and name of your company (if applicable).

name title company

Enter an email address, and then your phone and fax numbers.

email and phone

If you have a website, enter it, as well as your real address. You can leave any field blank—it is completely up to you which information you list on your signature.

website and address

You can upload a photo or logo to include in your signature by clicking the Choose File button. This picture will be clickable, so enter the URL where you want email recipients to land when they click the picture.

upload logo

Since this is an HTML signature, you have the option of adding clickable social media icons to your signature. Enter your social media URLs for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and/or Skype, and decide whether or not to show the icons. You can also add a disclaimer to your email signature.

social media and disclaimer

You can preview your signature at the bottom of the page.


Scroll back to the top of the page. Click the Email Signature URL link to send your signature, then go check your email from your iPhone.

email url

You will find an email from Cool Geex. In the email, click the link that has your name in it.

click link

This will open a special page in Safari. Click the button like you would to bookmark the page, but choose Add to Home Screen. This will add a direct link to the page that contains your signature directly on your iPhone’s home screen.

add to homescreen

Find the Cool Geex icon on your home screen and click it. Safari will open.

icon click

Click the glasses on the page and a email compose window will open with your signature already there.

completed signature

While not a seamless process, Cook Geex’s HTML Signature Generator is one of few options available for adding an HTML signature to your iPhone email. You can only add the signature to new emails—it will not automatically appear when you reply to emails. The process feels clunky, and we can only hope that eventually Apple with allow us to add modern email signatures to our iPhone emails.

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