How to Make YouTube Videos Loop Continuously

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Have you ever needed to loop a YouTube video over and over again? Maybe you are playing a music video on your laptop, which is connected to some speakers and you need the same song to repeat over and over again? Or maybe you just want to watch the same clip of something ridiculous happening […]

How to Use Excel AutoRecover and AutoBackup Features

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It’s always a terrible tragedy when someone loses something important they were working on because they didn’t save their document properly. This happens more often than you would think to Excel and Word users! Luckily, Microsoft has added a lot of features in the last couple of versions that help reduce the chances of losing […]

How to Show Formatting Marks in Word

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If you have ever created a complex Word document, you’ve probably run into those frustrating issues where you just can’t seem to get a bullet point or paragraph of text aligned correctly or some text keeps breaking off onto another page when you need it to be on the same page. In order to fix […]

Convert Video to iPhone or iPad Format

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Got some videos you would like to copy over to your iPad or iPhone for offline viewing? iCloud is great and works really well, but you can obviously only download content that is available in the iTunes store. If you have some home videos or downloaded movies that you’d like to get onto your iPad […]

How to Configure AutoPlay in Windows 7 & 10

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AutoPlay is a feature in Windows that will automatically scan a device when it is connected to your computer and based on your settings, will either perform a specified action or do nothing at all. In order to understand AutoPlay, though, you also have to understand another very similar feature called AutoRun. Most people think […]

Hide Your Facebook Status From One or Specific Friends

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The problem with Facebook is that your group of “friends” really consists of just about everyone you know including your family, relatives, friends, work colleagues, professional contacts, etc., etc. Yes, you can create lists and group people into them, but it’s a hard to find feature that no one really ever uses it. However, I’ll […]

Create Private Browsing Mode Shortcuts for Your Web Browser

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Private Browsing is a mode in all modern web browsers that, when activated, will delete any session data such as browsing history and cookies. If you want to browse the Internet without anything being stored locally on your computer, private browsing mode is the best choice. Note that private browsing mode will not allow you […]

What is SeaPort.exe and How to Remove It

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If you have installed any Windows Essentials programs onto your computer recently like Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Live Writer or Live Mail, you may have noticed a new process running on your system called SeaPort.exe. So what exactly is this process and should you worry about it? Luckily, seaport.exe is not a virus or malware […]

10 Great Websites for Free PowerPoint Templates

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PowerPoint is still the king when it comes to presentation software. It’s been around for ages and every new version adds more features and makes the product even better. The main problem with PowerPoint is that most people can’t create stylish or beautiful presentations on their own since that requires a high level of design […]

Use the Excel Watch Window to Monitor Important Cells in a Workbook

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Sometimes a great feature in an application never gets the recognition it deserves and the Watch Window in Excel is a great example of one such feature. If you use Excel regularly, you probably have worked on some very large worksheets that span hundreds, if not thousands of rows. It could be useful if some of the cells […]