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How to Setup an iTunes Library On an External Hard Drive or NAS

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organize library

Did you know it was possible to move your iTunes library over to an external hard drive? If you’re low on space and you have a lot of media that simply cannot be stored using iCloud, then one great option is to move everything to an external USB drive. I personally never use iTunes anymore, but […]

Safari Running Slow on Your Mac?

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google public dns

Apple touts Safari as the fastest browser out there, which may be true on iOS, but I regularly use Chrome on my Mac because Safari is just too slow. Sometimes a webpage won’t load or I won’t be able to navigate back and forth between pages or I can’t scroll without lagging. It’s extremely frustrating […]

How to Create an Encrypted Disk Image in OS X

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spotlight disk utility

Looking for a way to encrypt a folder of sensitive data on your Mac? You could encrypt your entire hard drive using File Vault, but this may be overkill for most people. Luckily, OS X has a built-in feature that allows you to create an encrypted disk image containing whatever data you want inside the […]

Install, Boot, and Run Mac OS X From an External Hard Drive

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boot options os x

Looking for a way to install and run OS X on an external hard drive? This can be useful for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, it allows you to run another copy of OS X without needing any additional Mac computer. Also, since you can run a full copy of OS X on the […]

Ultimate Guide to Running Windows on a Mac

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remote desktop

Even though I use my Mac as my main working machine for everyday use, I still need Windows occasionally for certain programs or for certain websites that only work in Internet Explorer. Instead of having to use a second computer, it’s much easier to just run Windows on my Mac. In this article, I’m going […]

How to Install Mac OS X using VMware Fusion

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download el capitan

I’ve previously written about converting your Windows PC into a virtual machine and installing a fresh copy of Windows in a virtual machine, but what if you have a Mac and you want the same benefits of running OS X in a virtual machine? As I mentioned earlier, running another copy of the operating system […]

Mac Equivalents of Windows Programs and Features

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activity monitor

If you’ve recently converted over to a Mac or are being forced to use one against your will, you probably are used to the user-friendly environment of Windows and want to know the Mac equivalent of your favorite Windows program or feature, right? Well, luckily, recent Macs running the latest versions of OS X are not […]

How to Burn a DVD on a Mac

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burn speed

I’ve already talked about how you can burn CDs and DVDs in Windows, so now it’s time to learn how to burn discs in OS X. It’s worth noting that even though you can burn Blu-ray discs in Windows, you can’t in OS X because no Mac computers include built-in Blu-ray support. This really isn’t […]

How to Burn an ISO File using Mac OS X

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burn disk image

Looking for a way to burn an ISO image file to a CD or DVD on your Mac? Luckily, just as you can mount and burn ISO images files in Windows 8/10 without additional software, you can also do the same thing in OS X. There are a couple of different ways you can burn […]

View Saved Wi-Fi (WPA, WEP) Passwords on OS X

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find password

Just about everybody who has a laptop has probably connected to several different wireless networks over the course of time. I tend to travel a lot and take my laptop with me everywhere I go, so I literally have over a hundred wireless networks stored on my Mac. This is great because I can easily […]