Should You Buy an XBox 360 in 2012

The Xbox 360 gaming console has been by far one of Microsoft’s greatest successes. However, the console has been around for quite a while now, leaving many consumers with the feeling that although they want an Xbox, maybe they shouldn’t purchase one quite yet.

XBOX 360

After all, if the next Xbox, or the “Xbox 720” is right around the corner, it would be much better to wait for that, than spend the money for a 360, which would soon be an out-generationed console. A Microsoft spokesperson recently came forward with the following statement:

While we appreciate all the interest in our long-range plans for the future, we can confirm that there will be no talk of new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon.

E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is an annual event slated to take place on June 5-7, 2012. E3 is known also to be an event where video game companies introduce new products.

With Microsoft’s statement regarding the next Xbox, however, it seems as if they have no intentions on debuting the Xbox 360 “anytime soon.” The arrival date of the next generation Xbox gaming console has kind of been a debatable topic in the gaming community over the past year, with many enthusiasts stating that the console is coming soon, while others are guessing that it won’t be here for a while. However, up until now, that was all speculation with no official comments from Microsoft.

With the above quote, however, it seems as if 2012 will be an Xbox 720 free year, and the 360 will live on for yet another year. So, is 2012 a good year to buy an Xbox 360, if you really want a gaming console? Yes and no.

The 360 would still be a good console to purchase this year, if you purchase one at least by the first half of the year, or the first 6 months, or before June, in my opinion. That way, you are pretty much guaranteed that you will get at least half a year or more to play the 360, before the 720, or next generation Xbox arrives.

If it’s later than June of 2012, then I would not advise anyone to purchase a 360, as there is a good possibility that the 720 is coming just next year, or within 6 months, give or take a few. If purchased too late in the year, you may not have much time to play the 360, before the new 720 comes out, and you’ll want that.

Although as of now this is just words from a Microsoft spokesperson, it still is a reasonable statement, as Microsoft has concentrated their efforts on developing the Kinect platform more and more, as of recently. Currently, they are also prepping and pushing marketing towards their upcoming release of Halo 4, the next saga in the ever popular Halo franchise.

If Microsoft redirects the Xbox 720 release for this year, it may be closer towards the end of the year, around the Christmas holiday seasons, which would be good for sales.

Those are my buying recommendations for anyone wanting to purchase an Xbox 360 in the year 2012. If anyone has any other sources regarding the release date of the next Xbox, please leave a comment or link below in order to help people who are considering purchasing a 360.

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  1. The XBox 720 is going to be released around the christmas holidays in 2013, source:

    It’s dutch and is about a leaked document from microsoft in which is told about the new xbox’s capabilities and it should be around 238, – which is around the price of the xbox 360 as of now.

    My question is, while knowing this, should I purchase an xbox now? It’s june 2012 now.

    I really wanna play but I also kinda think it’s a waste of money to buy one now because the new xbox will be around the same price as the one now and it’s right around the corner

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