Add Tethering Capabilities to Your Favorite Devices Without a Monthly Fee

Many cell phone and wireless providers use to offer tethering services for free, which was just simply a feature that came included with a normal cell phone plan. This was very awesome, considering that most people only use services like tethering occasionally.

Now, many wireless providers act more like credit card debt collectors than companies that are aimed at providing a service to the consumer, charging your for every MB of data that you use, closing the doors on unlimited data plans, and of course charging a monthly fee for tethering. In today’s post, we will list various options that you have, which will add tethering to your devices, without the monthly fee.


There are several ways to add tethering capabilities, here are some of the most popular:


Jailbreaking manipulates the restrictive software and firmware that wireless carriers and phone manufacturers impose on devices like tablets and smartphones, and removes many of the restrictions. This allows device owners to do more with their devices, but many warn about jailbreaking, because if not done correctly, you can brick your device, rendering it useless, and you may also void your warranty.

A jailbroken phone can be restored to factory settings/can be un-jailbroken, also, should you ever want to restore the phone to default settings. There are plenty of specific jailbreaking tutorials on the net, so we won’t go into extreme detail on how to jailbreak specific devices.

With a jailbroken device, you can usually download an app that will allow for free tethering, or simply enable tethering on the device without a monthly fee. For example, with Apple’s iPhone, the Mobile Hotspot feature will be locked if you don’t have a monthly tethering plan through your wireless provider. However, jailbreaking an iPhone will remove the lock, free of charge.


There are certain apps that you can download which will add tethering functionality to your favorite devices., for example, does charge for their tethering apps, but the price is only $30.00 a year, just a fraction of the cost of a monthly tethering plan from a carrier.

tether logo

Not every app costs money though, some are completely free. For example, if you have an Android smartphone, you can use the FoxFi app to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Hotspot, without having to have a plan from your carrier. This service can be downloaded directly from Google Play.

Specialty Devices

There are a few devices on the market that specialize in Wi-Fi Hotspot and even 3G or 4G. One example is the Cradlepoint WiPipe, which only costs around $50.00. With a device like the WiPipe, you can tether all of your devices, create a mobile hotspot, etc… without having a monthly tethering plan.

CradlePoint WiPipe

Those are just a few of many different ways to get free tethering on your favorite devices. Thank you for stopping by the site for today’s post. If anyone knows of any other methods for obtaining free tethering, feel free to leave a comment in order to help others.

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  1. Stan Brown says:

    I would be more excited about this article if I knew what tethering was. You call it "just simply a feature that came included with a normal cell phone plan" but you never say what it actually *is*.

  2. john3347 says:

    Stan, tethering is connecting your cell phone to a modem by any one of several methods to gain internet access.

  3. john3347 says:

    No, I am saying that wrong. Tethering is connecting your cell phone to your computer AS a modem to gain internet access. An appropriate cord is required along with some software to install on your computer.

  4. Greg horrell says:

    Is it possible to tether a net 10 phone?

  5. Grump says:

    John3347…you are still not saying it well…Tethering is using a cell phone as a modem thereby allowing other devices to access the Internet via the cell phone’s data path….

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