Complete Guide to Facebook Email Setup

For many people, Facebook is the main website for keeping in contact with others. Most of your friends are likely on Facebook, and you may sometimes use the website to keep in touch with these people via the messaging and chat features offered by the social network or even by posting to their wall. If Facebook is your hub for most of your contacts, you may want to consider setting up your email account with FB also, to simplify your contacts.

FB Email

Setup a Facebook Email Account

By default, Facebook email accounts are not active so this is something that you’ll need to setup. When signing up for a traditional email account with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc… you are prompted to select a username that will be of course used for the basis of your email address. For example, if your Gmail username is “OnlineTT,” then your Gmail email address would be Facebook operates in a similar way. To set your Facebook username:

Jump to while signed in to your account.

Setup Facebook Username

With a username set, your Facebook email should also be set, with the extension So, if you set your FB username as “OnlineTT,” then your Facebook email address would be “”

How to use Facebook Email

Link an existing account to Facebook

If you choose not to have a dedicated Facebook email address, but rather, would prefer to have more integration between your Facebook account and other accounts that you may use such as Gmail or Yahoo, you can use Facebook’s link account feature.

To link an account, jump to the following URL while signed in to your FB account:

From the Settings page, click the Linked Accounts listing.

Facebook Linked Accounts

Using the arrow, you can link a Google, MySpace, Yahoo, Open ID or Verisign account.

Once an account has been linked to a Facebook account, the SSO will be active. Thus, if you are signed in to your Gmail account and visit, you’ll also automatically be signed in to FB also. Setting up a linked account is mainly done for the purposes of simplifying sign on for the multiple, popular websites that you may use. By setting up a linked account, or several linked accounts, you can more quickly sign in to all of your favorite websites.

Viewing Facebook Messages in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or other Email Services

Another option that you may want to setup is message forwarding for your non-Facebook email accounts, for example, a Gmail account. The quickest way to do this is to simply setup Facebook notifications so that Facebook forwards an email to your existing email address when you receive a new FB message.

To get started, visit the following URL while signed in to your Facebook account:

Click the Notifications tab and maximize the Facebook listing.

Facebook All Notifications

Click to check the option Sends you a message, which will activate Facebook notification email forwarding for FB messages, or in simpler words, when someone sends you a message on Facebook, a notification will be forwarded to your default email address.

Alternatively, you may want to add more email accounts to your Facebook account or change the default email address that Facebook uses to send notifications to. This can be done from and selecting the Email listing.

That’s basically all there is to it. In today’s guide, we’ve presented various options for better Facebook + email account integration. Thank you for stopping by the site for today’s post. If anyone has any other tips for using Facebook’s email, feel free to leave a comment.

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