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Windows 7 Taskbar Disappearing?

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A new issue I’ve seen going on with some Windows 7 users is that their taskbar will suddenly disappear completely. The only thing that remains is the Start Menu button/orb. Here’s an example of a desktop in which the Windows 7 taskbar just vanished: That’s pretty crazy right! Not only that, if you right-click in […]

Create Home DVDs using Windows 7’s DVD Maker

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Windows 7 by default comes with a DVD Maker software.  Home users will particularly like this tool since it lets them burn DVD movies using their own media like home made videos and digital photos. The quickest way to make a DVD is to add pictures and videos in Windows DVD Maker, and then burn […]

Windows 7 MS Paint Review

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If you’re someone who happily created pixel art using Paint on Windows XP or Windows Vista, you’re probably going to hate the new Paint in Windows 7. Even though the new Paint has some new features and uses the new Ribbon UI that Microsoft is using across all its Windows and Office products, they have […]